Disney Cast Member Gets Perfect Revenge at Magic Kingdom

Angry Disney fans
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Disney cast members are part of what makes a trip to Walt Disney World Resort so magical. Many go above and beyond to ensure your vacation is as memorable and wonderful as possible. Likewise, many guests at Walt Disney World are also there to have a magical time.

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But not all guests. There are many stories of theme park visitors who are demanding, rude, start fights, disrupt shows and attractions, and feel entitled to special treatment…just because.

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A Cast Member’s Story

One former Disney cast member (Joey Mayberry) shared his story of a problematic guest while he was working the Dumbo attraction at Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus area in 2012. Below is a TikTok video of him relaying what he calls his favorite “bad guest” story that he tells during job interviews.


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As a mother entered Dumbo The Flying Elephant with her daughter, Mayberry noticed that she and her daughter walked to a specific elephant that was already occupied and stood there. When the cast member asked if there was a problem, the mother explained that her daughter wanted to ride the Dumbo with the pink color. However, there was already a guest seated in it.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

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Mayberry offered to hold the pink elephant for the mother and daughter, during the next ride cycle. But the guest refused to wait the two minutes it would take because she used a FastPass. She also refused to occupy one of the other Dumbo vehicles because it wasn’t pink.

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As such, the entire ride couldn’t start for fifteen to twenty minutes as the guest argued with Mayberry and asked for his manager. When the manager arrived, they offered the mother the same two choices: ride a different Dumbo or wait for the next ride.

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“Now she’s mad, big mad,” Mayberry explains in the video. “She screams about how this is unacceptable, about how she never should have come here, she spent so much money.” The woman then stormed out, refusing to ride Dumbo at all.

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“That’s when the little girl, who’s been standing there patiently and politely and silently the entire time, burst into tears because now she’s not going to get to ride Dumbo…” Mayberry recalls.

His Revenge

As his fellow Disney cast members started Dumbo The Flying Elephant, Mayberry felt terrible for the little girl. He asked his manager for permission to get her a gift from the nearby merchandise location. He grabbed the biggest Dumbo plush he could find and brought it to the little girl.

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“Her face just lights up like it’s Christmas morning,” Mayberry said. “And this little girl looks up at me and goes, ‘I love you.’ The face that I got from that mother because I just made her child’s day… God, it felt so good… I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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And then Mayberry finished off his interaction by telling the mother “Have a magical day!” Which for those who don’t already know…is a cast member’s way of telling a park guest…to…you know…politely get lost.

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