Disney Cast Member’s Magical Moment Saves Pregnant Guest

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When Walt Disney originally began looking at land to build Magic Kingdom on, one of the biggest reasons he looked to Central Florida was the weather. Ironically, though, the Florida weather is simultaneously the biggest pro and con of Walt Disney World’s location.

On one hand, the relatively nice weather means that Walt Disney World Resort can operate all year long, unlike theme parks in the North. Specifically, there’s never any snow in Florida, and certainly never enough to shut down a theme park.

But…on the other hand, there’s…everything else.

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Is It Possible For the Pro to Also Be a Con?

While our winters are mostly mild, especially in Central Florida, the spring and early summer are positively full of rain. Floridians will tell you that spring and early summer brings rain at least once a day, typically in the afternoon. The late summer is full of Florida’s brutal, unforgiving heat and equally unforgiving hurricanes.

Currently, we’re in the ‘brutal Florida heat‘ stage of the late summer. Hurricanes, if they come at all this year, will likely begin forming later in the summer.

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If You’re Currently Visiting Walt Disney World, We’re Wishing You Godspeed!

So, in short, if you’re currently visiting Walt Disney World Resort, you’re probably suffering a little bit at the very least. Even with all of the water bottles, cooling towels, and miniature fans in the world, it’s incredibly difficult to stave off the heat in what’s becoming one of the hottest summers ever recorded.

Most native Floridians know that in summer heat this savage, staying hydrated and carrying around a mini fan is the bare minimum for avoiding heat exhaustion and dehydration.

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Dead In the Water? More Like Dead In the Desert!

A pregnant Guest was recently visiting Walt Disney World, and as she reached into her bag, she found that her electric fan’s batteries had been totally drained.

For those of you who don’t know, pregnancy symptoms include hot flashes on top of everything else. Imagine experiencing hot flashes and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms all while walking around Walt Disney World in the Florida sun, all without an electric fan. Sounds pretty miserable!

Luckily, a Disney Cast Member was there to help! But this Cast Member may very well have literally saved the say. The Guest shared her story on Reddit, giving us the inside scoop into what happened.

According to their online post, the Guest approached a Cast Member to ask where she could purchase batteries. The Cast Member was unable to direct the Guest, as they don’t sell any batteries in Walt Disney World. However, the Cast Member did something even better: they went to the back and came back with a couple of batteries, totally free of charge!

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What Can’t Cast Members Do?

The Guest was so relieved, especially because their backup fan’s batteries were also dead, leaving them totally stranded without any relief from the Florida heat!

This wasn’t just a magical moment; this very well could have saved the Guest’s day and her overall health. After all, the stifling heat of Florida’s late summers combined with a full day spent at a Disney Park can easily result in heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and more.

But luckily, this Guest won’t have to worry about any of these conditions thanks to the Cast Member’s generosity and Magical Moment!

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