Fan-Favorite Addition Returns to Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World is full to the brim with fan favorites. Fan-favorite attractions, fan-favorite parades, fan-favorite characters, etc. If there’s one thing Disney fans all do, it’s form attachments with anything and everything.

No matter how obscure, if it’s got Disney’s name attached to it, Disney fans are going to create a fan club for it, whether it’s a mischievous purple dragon or a Mickey-shaped snack.

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Mickey Bars, Churros, Turkey Legs, Oh My!

Chocolate-covered Mickey bars, Mickey-shaped pretzels, sugary churros, turkey legs, you name it. If it’s something you can only get at a Disney Park, then it counts as just another fan-favorite Disney fans will get attached to.

A Disney snack is a huge part of the Walt Disney World experience! If you can only get a certain snack at Animal Kingdom, then that snack will forever remind you of your time at Animal Kingdom, and so on and so forth.

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Credit: Brian McGowan

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We Disney Fans Can See EVERYTHING!

So, when something goes missing from Walt Disney World’s lineup of offerings, fans notice (don’t even get us started on the great turkey leg shortage of the pandemic).

That being said, when something returns after being pronounced missing (for years, might we add), it’s not just a big deal, it’s news!

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The Prodigal Snack Returns!

In this case, the long-missing Cronut is returning to Walt Disney World’s EPCOT:

Short for “croissant donut,” the Cronut is covered in cinnamon sugar, making it more like a croissant donut churro. This iconic snack was missing for years, since before the pandemic!

Now, it’s returned to EPCOT and can be found at the Connections CafĂ©. Although this new eatery opened around a year ago, the legendary Cronut is only just now returning to the theme park.

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Be sure to have one and think of us the next time you visit EPCOT’s World Celebration area.

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