We are Worried About Figment and You Probably Should Be Too

Disney Fans love Figment. We don’t know why. We just do. It’s one of those universal truths: chocolate is tasty, Summer breezes are always welcome, and Disney fans love Figment! I’m convinced if Disney World ever got rid of Figment, there would be a revolt ( I may or may not lead the charge)! This is why the state of Journey Into Imagination With Figment is so very sad.

It seems Disney has just let it languish. Disrepair is evident throughout the ride. In fact, it’s one ride we can always count on getting stuck on. Recently videos have surfaced showing a Figment animation icon not working at all. One user on Twitter caught a video of a total Figment failure and noted it was more traumatic than it should be. She wasn’t wrong.

While these things happen (mechanical failures are a fact of mechanics), they seem to be happening a lot recently. Disney used to fix these things immediately, but now they stay broken for long stretches of time before being fixed…if they ever are. Lately, it seems more attention is being paid to throwing money at replacing what Guests find subjectively offensive than to fixing what is factually broken. 


Credit: Disney Dining/Krysten S.

At Splash Mountain, Guests turned spotting the broken animatronics into a game, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. The assumption was that the ride was being replaced, so Disney didn’t bother to fix it. Figment Fans (myself included) are holding our breath, fearful that this may be the case for our beloved Figment as well. While the ride has seen better days, we know it just needs a little TLC to bring it back to its former glory.


Speaking of former glory, there is only one way we would ever be ok with Disney replacing this ride: that is if they returned it to an updated version of the original! We miss Dreamfinder and have yet to let it go that the ride’s current iteration is just a shell of what it once was. The ride was imaginative and fun, and the detail was incredible. The current version isn’t bad, per se. It just feels much more sterile than the ride’s original setup. Never got the chance to experience the ride in its first version? Check out a video here:


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