Guest Reportedly Loses “Chunk Out of Elbow” While Visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Requires Visit to ER

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Although Walt Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, the vacation destination sees minor injuries every day. It’s an inevitable part of visiting one of the Disney Parks, especially without proper preparation.

Some Guests find themselves incredibly achy after walking around the theme park all day long, while others find themselves dehydrated after spending all day in the Florida sun.

Sometimes, Guests experience motion sickness after riding one of the more intense attractions.

In short, from Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, minor theme park injuries happen all the time. But this particular incident was anything but minor…

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Having Sore Feet Is One Thing, But Losing a Chunk of Flesh Is a Whole Different Ballgame…

One Guest was recently visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, minding their business in the bathroom when they suffered a bizarre injury. Reportedly, this Guest sliced their arm open and even “lost a chunk” of their elbow!

They shared their experience on Reddit, remaining anonymous while detailing the harrowing account.

They wrote, “So I was in the bathroom in Pandora today and [accidentally] hit my elbow on the [toilet] paper dispenser. I thought I just bumped it but as I was buttoning up my shorts I looked and my arm, I had blood rolling down it.

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Then, the Cast Members Helped…as Much as They Could, Anyways…

That’s definitely one of the last things you want to see in the bathrooms of Walt Disney World. They continue, “Somehow I took a chunk out of my elbow. I tried to clean it up in the sink but ended up having [to hold] a paper towel to it as we looked for a CM to get a bandaid.”

However, when they found a Cast Member, they got a different reaction than they were expecting:

They directed me to the [Flight of Passage] gift shop and to our shock, told us we would have pay almost 3 dollars for a pack of bandaids or walk up to first aid which is way up by the [Tree of Life]. I’m literally bleeding infront of them, you’d think [biohazard] issues they would be like let’s get you cleaned up. [Especially] since after we purchased the bandaids, they made me bag up my bloody paper towels and wet wipe.

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It Somehow Gets Worse!

You’d think they made it through, but it only got worse from there, and they ended up needing a visit to the emergency room! They write:

I sucked it up through [Flight of Passage] because our return time but was in so much pain that we went to first aid after. They said it was deep and bad enough that if I wanted to go to the ER they would definitely stitch it up. We opted out because of the expense but it’s insane this all happened. Who would expect to get injured in a Disney bathroom?

At the end of the day, though, the Guest opted to refuse emergency care, including the stitches they needed after slicing their arm open.

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What to Do If You Find Yourself Injured at Walt Disney Parks:

Cases as dire as this one are rare in Walt Disney Parks, but it can happen. In any case, if you or a member of your party experiences any theme park injuries, the best thing to do is to find a Cast Member, who can direct you to the first aid center.

While it may seem inconvenient to travel all the way back to the first aid center, which is often at the forefront of all four Disney Parks, it’s important to note that the staff working the first aid center have been trained to assist in the event of an injury, and the Cast Members have not.

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