Walt Disney World Guests Horrified to See Parents Mistreating Children While Visiting

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Everybody knows that dreams can come true at Walt Disney World, but sometimes the things we see while visiting remind us of nightmares instead.

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While witnessing a parent disciplining a child can be a little awkward or uncomfortable, isn’t unusual in the slightest. After all, you’ve probably seen a parent giving their child a stern talking-to at your local grocery store. It’s just a part of everyday life.

But for all of its Disney magic, a trip to Walt Disney World is ten times more stressful than a trip to the grocery store. There are a lot of factors going into a trip to Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, such as the time, money, and energy it takes to get there.

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Not only that, but spending a long day out in the Florida heat, humidity, rain, and sunshine can push anyone to their limits. That being said, that’s no excuse for some of the ‘disciplining’ Guests can witness while visiting Walt Disney World.

Unfortunately, some of the discipline crosses the line, and what we witness while visiting Disney World isn’t a healthy amount of discipline at all, but the blatant mistreatment of children.

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One Guest recently shared one of the wildest things they’ve seen while visiting Walt Disney World on Reddit, and it was, unfortunately, one of those moments of mistreatment. They wrote:

I watched the preschooler in front of me on the train ride from Main Street to Fantasyland with all four limbs dangling out of the left-hand side of the car. Her parents ignored the voiceover telling them not to seat small children on the end. When she tried to say something to one of the adults, the adult replied, “We’re ignoring you because of the way you disrespected Grandma at breakfast.” Sure, because falling out of the train or losing a limb would be an appropriate punishment. They proceeded to look away from her the entire time, while I sat on the edge of my seat ready to spring up and grab her if she was in immediate danger. I’ve seen a lot of kids in a lot of dangerous situations at the parks while their parents were off in their own little worlds, but that’s the one that always sticks with me.

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Child abuse and mistreatment is something that can ruin anybody’s time at the Most Magical Place on Earth. In the event that you witness something as drastic as child abuse while visiting, find a Cast Member and alert them of the situation. They will then call Disney security, who will take care of the situation from there.

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  1. I had a child with me that misbehaved terribly until I finally took him back to the hotel room so that his father and my husband could hav a peaceful dinner. We had a long talk while in the room and I set down some rules………I also let him know that he could choose some of the restraunts and rides we were going to ride………..It made him feel more included although we were planning on those things anyways. He behaved a lot better after this and our time at the parks were so much more peaceful. Sometimes kids just need to feel included in some decisions . It may not work with everyone but it worked for us.