What Your Favorite Disney Snack Says About You

Disney Food
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While Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort and known primarily for their characters, rides, theming, and accommodations, they are also known for their food. Over the years, Disney’s snacks have gained a cult following of fans who love to try Disney’s sweet and savory selections.

Here at Disney Dining, we consider ourselves experts in the art of Disney food. What your favorite snack is can really tell a lot about a person, as you will soon find out below.

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Disney Popcorn

If popcorn is your favorite snack, you’re classic, dependable, and certainly a Disney Park expert. Every Disney Parks expert knows that popcorn is one of the most convenient and cost-effective snacks you can purchase on Disney property. Plus, it’s surprisingly filling, making it easy to cut down costs.

Popcorn is delicious, light, and a snack often chosen by the most level-headed and analytical Disney Guests.


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Turkey leg

Turkey leg lovers are unique kinds of Disney fans. If you regularly are found munching down on one of these massive legs, chances are you are either:

  1. An extremely hungry person
  2. Someone who is dedicated to a ‘rope drop to closing’ Park Day.

Turkey legs are full of protein to keep the most dedicated Disney fans full and energized for a long day ahead. Their convenient form makes them the perfect snack for eating while dashing across the Parks to make it your next lightning lane reservation.

If your favorite snack is a Turkey leg, you are confident, bold, and not phased by others’ opinions (clearly, the ‘emu meat’ conspiracies didn’t get to you!)

Turkey Leg

Credit: Disney

Mickey ice cream bar

You are a CLASSIC Disney fan. If the Mickey ice cream bar is your favorite treat, you are likely a fan of all things Walt Disney and a self-proclaimed Park historian. As a Disney Park expert, you find joy in the moments of quiet when you can enjoy the magical ambiance that the Parks provide.

You are often found wandering the Parks, chilling out on a shady bench, or checking out which merchandise item you’ll splurge on next. 

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Credit: Disney Dining

A Crunch Disney Pickle

If your go-to Disney snack is a Pickle, you are a unique, independent thinker who is not phased by the passing fads of Disney. Most likely, you are either a Disney local or someone who visits enough that they practically are one!

Whereas most fans gravitate towards Mickey or a Disney Princess, your favorite character is probably Figment or Orange Bird. You love Disney Park lore and have been known to binge-watch Disney Park streams on YouTube or TikTok. Bonus points if you ever got the “First Pickle of the Day” pin.


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The Classic Churro

If your favorite iconic Disney snack is a churro, you are likely a new Disney Park fan going by word-of-mouth recommendation or a long-time fan honoring an annual tradition of eating a Disney churro.

Nothing excites you like Disney; whether it’s your first trip or your 100th trip, you are on cloud 9 the entire time. Chances are you might have, or develop, a Mickey Ear obsession. When it comes to fireworks, you shamelessly cry every time! Churro fans tend to be optimistic and excited people. 


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Specialty Churros

Over the years, Disney has gotten quite adventurous when it comes to its extra churro options. If you are someone who gravitates toward these wacky renditions,

  1. You kind of scare me.
  2. You are the most adventurous kind of Disney fan there is.

You dive into your Disney vacation, knowing that you are open to whatever comes your way. Whether it’s a spontaneous dance break in the middle of the Parks or having hilarious banter with a Disney character, you do Disney differently. You’re not really one to plan things too much, and your friends and family love the fun (and chaos) you bring to the Disney Parks.

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