Mickey Ear Ban at Universal Theme Parks

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Credit: Universal Resort / Disney

Whether you’re a Disney Parks fan or more likely to visit a Universal Studios theme park, one thing most people can agree on is that the two are very, very different. They contrast in aesthetics, ride intensity, and overall guest experience. Take Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights versus Walt Disney World’s Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party as prime examples.

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Credit: Disney / Universal Resort

Even with their vast differences, their proximity and theme park draws cause my Guests to visit both during their vacations. So, the question arises – is it ok to wear Disney merchandise at Universal? Specifically two of Disney’s most iconic items, Mickey Ears and Princess Dresses.

Now the quick, direct, and technical answer is yes. Universal Studios will absolutely allow their Guests to wear whatever they want (within appropriate standards) into their parks. Universal certainly does not care if their visitors wear Disney merchandise – they already have the Guests money in park admission and those Guests will probably buy Universal Studio stuff as well.

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Credit: Disney

The real question comes down to park etiquette. Is it cool to wear Mickey Mouse Ears when visiting Universal? Let’s assume children are the only ones insisting on wearing Disney Princess dresses anywhere, and they get a pass. I mean, their parents probably paid hundreds of dollars for that one item.

However, as an adult, I’m just going to say it – It’s kind of lame to wear Mickey Ears to Universal. It’s just like…why? It feels like you’re trying to make a statement that no one really cares about. You think Disney is better? You’re a proud Disney Adult? Okay! All fine. Just be a little chill. You don’t need to wear them everywhere.

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Credit: Universal Resort

Overall it’s not a huge deal, and people can do whatever they want…BUT it does kind of mess up the theming in my opinion. In the same way, I don’t want to see a Velociraptor on the Hogwarts Express or Anna and Elsa in Tomorrowland. They each have their own worlds that add to the magic and experience of immersive theme park vacations.

I’m not here to ruin anyone’s time. You do you, fam, but in my opinion, theme park etiquette bans Mickey Ears from Universal…and vice versa. Don’t go to Magic Kingdom in your Gryffindor robes, guys…just don’t.

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