Adults Only Day At Walt Disney World!

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Some parents of large families and general haters may not be in love the with this fact, but Disney Adults make up a huge part of The Walt Disney Company’s revenue. Disney Adults are usually childless adults who are big, active fans of the Disney brand and often emphatically attend Disney theme parks. Some people see the term as a negative stereotype, implying that these individuals are immature or overly obsessed with children’s entertainment.

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However, Disney itself is happy to capitalize on the cultural obsession by offering various food, merchandise, and content. I mean, Hollywood Studios is currently offering Indiana Jones-themed cocktails for the premiere of the new movie. That’s not for kids. There’s a jewelry shop on Main Street, USA, that sells Minnie Mouse watches encrusted with Swarovski crystals! Is that for kids…? And don’t even get me started on these live-action remakes mining people’s nostalgia…

So, a Disney Parks sanctioned, official Adults Only Day at Walt Disney World Resort actually makes sense in terms of catering to the Disney Adult demographic. Disney World is already adept at hosting special events, whether it be their own ticketed parties or massive Park buyouts – Disney World will cater to whoever will pay top dollar.

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Everyone who’s freaking out right now, just listen to what I’m proposing. Walt Disney World Resort is made up of four different theme parks, okay? If they let people know WELL in advance and announce/promote it like crazy, there could be an Adults Only Day at one of their theme parks.

Listen! I said only ONE! Of course, I’m not suggesting it be Magic Kingdom, you fool. Obviously, that’s the most kid-friendly Park, and I wouldn’t take that away from families, even only for a day. But EPCOT? Animal Kingdom? Don’t you see the potential?

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The World Showcase half of EPCOT is mostly just adults anyway! Heck, you could even just make the World Showcase Adult Only for a day. The key would obviously be an enhanced and up charged park ticket. Forget Disney Adults, normal people would gladly pay an extra fee to avoid kids for a day.

Do I think Disney would ever do it? Probably not! I’m just saying there’s definitely a market for it, and with inflated ticket prices and special event alcoholic offerings, they’d probably make a profit. Imagine the merchandise they could push. Imagine how many people would immediately book spots if they announced the date 3 to 5 years in advance!

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Guys, I know this plan isn’t perfect…YET.  I’ve ironed out a lot more details in my head – and if I can think of solutions for little problems, I have no doubt Disney can too!

Also, it would be fun for me personally. So…Adults Only Day, anyone?

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