Quiet Corners of EPCOT’s World Showcase

Morocco Pavilion EPCOT
Credit: Disney

EPCOT’s World Showcase is one of the most beautiful destinations at the Walt Disney World Resort thanks to its eleven different pavilions that bring countries from around the world to life through dining, shopping, attractions, entertainment, and more. The architecture and landscaping of each pavilion are particularly wonderful, and Guests at times truly do feel as though they have traveled across the globe, far from central Florida.

Since World Showcase is such as incredible location to explore, it can be very busy on any given day in EPCOT, with many Guests trying to see and do as much as possible. Thankfully, there are some stunning spots throughout the pavilions where Guests can take a few moments to relax and soak in the ambiance. Here are some of the best quiet corners and spots in EPCOT’s World Showcase to enjoy on a busy day in the Disney Park.

Canada Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Canada Pavilion – Victoria Gardens

The Canada Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase is always busy thanks to the popular Le Cellier Steakhouse and Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 as well as rustic stores that sell an array of merchandise from the country. While there are plenty of bustling areas, there are also several quiet corners for Guests to enjoy, including one of natural beauty.

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Canada Pavilion

Credit: DisneyDining

One side of the Canada Pavilion features a quiet walkway that begins behind the Popcorn in Canada Cart and leads to Le Cellier Steakhouse. The pathway brings Guests through Victoria Gardens, a beautiful showcase of bright flower beds, a gently rippling pond, rustic rock work in the background, and a charming little cottage that looks straight out of a fairy tale. It’s a beautiful and relatively quiet spot for Guests to pause and appreciate while exploring the Canada Pavilion.

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Gemany Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Germany Pavilion – Garden Railway

Many Guests love to spend time in the Germany Pavilion as there are several popular stores, the indulgent Karamell-Kuche, Biergarten Restaurant, and more. While the main area of the pavilion is charming and makes Guests feel as though they are exploring the town square of a quaint German village, there is another area that is quieter and just as beautiful.

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Garden Railway

Credit: Disney

To the right of the main area of the Germany Pavilion is the Garden Railway, a massive miniature toy train enclosure that features several trains running at any given time and an immense level of detail. Guests who take the time to really look and appreciate the Garden Railway can spot people exploring towns and stations, natural landscapes, tunnels, traditional German architecture, and even miniature flags that reflect whichever festival is currently running in EPCOT.

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Mexico Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Mexico Pavilion – Rainforest Area

One of the first countries that Guests can encounter in EPCOT’s World Showcase is the Mexico Pavilion, which evokes the romance and charm of the country through a blend of dining, entertainment, attractions, and more. Inside the massive ancient pyramid is a romantic town square where Guests can enjoy small shopping booths, the San Angel Inn Restaurante, and the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros, but a quieter spot can be found just outside.

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Mexico Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Off to the right-hand side of the ancient pyramid is a quiet spot that is slightly off the beaten path and features tropical and lush landscaping that is inspired by the rainforests and jungles of Mexico. Guests who take a moment to pause in this area can enjoy the vegetation and charming traditional Mexican music being pumped out by speakers and feel as though they have traveled far away from the hustle and bustle of World Showcase.

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Morocco Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Morocco – Quiet Streets

While every pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase is stunning in detail, Morocco is one of the most immersive in part because the king of Morocco sent over his royal artisans to help create all of the stunning architecture and details that Guests see today. While the front of the Morocco Pavilion is always busy, there are plenty of other locations only steps away that will make Guests feel as though they are on the other side of the world.

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Morocco Pavilion EPCOT

Credit: Disney

Guests who take the time to wander through the Morocco Pavilion and away from the main path can find quiet and winding streets that pass through open-air stores and shops that sell all sorts of beautiful items. All the way in the rear of the pavilion is a small fountain area with gorgeous tiling around it that is always quiet and peaceful, making it a great place to relax and soak in the beauty of World Showcase at any time.

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Japan Pavilion

Credit: Disney

Japan Pavilion – Koi Pond

The Japan Pavilion features many different spots that share the beauty and culture of Japan, but many are always busy thanks to Guests’ love of the dining locations and shopping options found there. The second floor of the Mitsukoshi Department Store features a balcony that looks out at World Showcase Lagoon and can sometimes be a quiet spot but is typically busy with Guests looking to enjoy the view and snap a few photos.

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Exterior of Katsura Grill

Credit: Disney Dining

Guests who are looking for a peaceful and quiet spot in the Japan Pavilion should instead head over to the area that is home to the quick service Katsura Grill. Near the restaurant is a quiet garden area that features beautiful vegetation and traditional bonsai as well as a serene pond that is filled with vibrantly colored koi fish. It’s a beautiful area to enjoy in a moment of quiet, and sometimes Guests can even hear the Taiko drums nearby truly making them feel as though they are in the heart of Japan.

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China Pavilion

Credit: Disney

China Pavilion – Temple of Heaven

The China Pavilion is one of the most intricately detailed pavilions in EPCOT’s World Showcase and Guests can enjoy several dining options and wander through streets that wind past stores to feel as though they are exploring a small town in China. While Guests should absolutely enjoy a showing of Reflections of China, there is an area just before the attraction’s theater that features stunning details and a quiet atmosphere.

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China Pavilion

Credit: Disney

To get to the theater that plays Reflections of China, Guests have to pass through the Temple of Heaven, a massive rotunda that features bright reds, golds, blues, and greens, and a towering central vaulted ceiling. Modeled after the Temple of Heaven in Bejing but on a smaller scale, the China Pavilion’s version features stunning artwork on nearly every surface as well as architecture that makes it acoustically perfect, so Guests can hear their own echo from the very center of the space.

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