Dining in EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion

Japan Pavilion
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EPCOT’s World Showcase at the Walt Disney World Resort has no shortage of amazing dining options to choose from, with each of the eleven pavilions featuring table service and quick-service options that showcase the flavors and ingredients from that host country. So many options might make it hard for Guests to decide where to dine, but the Japan Pavilion is one of the best locations to head for, as it features some incredible restaurants.

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Pagoda in Japan Pavilion

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The Japan Pavilion is immersive in that Guests immediately are welcomed by soothing gardens, an imposing palace edifice, a soaring pagoda, and an incredible level of artistry and details that help to bring the beauty of Japan to life. There are also several quick-service and table service dining options available to Guests that feature menus filled with traditional Japanese cooking and meals that are absolutely worth visiting. Let’s check out the wonderful dining options found throughout EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion!

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Dining room at Teppan Edo

Credit: Disney

Teppan Edo

Near the front of the Japan Pavilion is the massive Mitsukoshi Department Store, which sells a wide array of Japanese items and is also home to many table service dining options on the second level. Teppan Edo is a unique location that welcomes Guests to dine on Teppan-yaki-style cuisine while literally being seated at the grill, where all of the food is prepared by an expert chef.

Tables and artwork at Teppan Edo

Credit: Disney

The interior of Teppan Edo combines modern lines and traditional Japanese culture with sleek grill top tables, bright pops of red in hanging tapestries and fabric chairs, and vaulted gold ceiling accents. Each table seats eight Guests all surrounding a central grill top where traditional Japanese cuisine is prepared in a fun and interactive manner. It should be noted that smaller parties will probably be seated with others, so keep that in mind when booking!

Tables and chairs at Teppan Edo

Credit: Disney

To begin any lunch or dinner at Teppan Edo, Guests can enjoy appetizers such as Edamame, Miso Soup, Spicy Calamari, or a selection of fresh sushi that is some of the best that can be found at the Walt Disney World Resort. Some sushi options include a Volcano Roll, California Roll, the Spicy Roll, or the more indulgent Sushi Sampler with seven individual pieces and Sashimi Sampler with six pieces.

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Combination Platter at Teppan Edo

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The entrées offered at Teppan Edo are the items that are prepared on the grill top tables, and each option is served with udon noodles, steamed white rice, and a medley of vegetables that are chopped, cooked, and arranged in interesting ways right on the table (can you say onion volcano?). Guests can enjoy entrée options including Filet Mignon, Salmon, Tori (chicken breast), Hotate (cold water ocean scallops), Ebi (grilled shrimp), or Yasai (mushrooms and tofu) or several combination options which allow them to enjoy multiple proteins.

Sushi at Teppan Edo


Any meal at Teppan Edo can be made even more indulgent with enhancements, including the mouthwatering four-ounce Japanese Wagyu Steak or a four to six-ounce Lobster Tail. To round the entire meal off, Guests should absolutely save room for unique desserts like Mango Mousse Cake, Matcha Tiramisu, Chocolate Ginger Cake, or the Yuzu Mousse Cake served with gold flakes, matcha cream, chocolate rocks, and sparkling yuzu sauce.

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Dining room at Tokyo Dining

Credit: Disney

Tokyo Dining

Found right next to Teppan Edo on the second level of the Mitsukoshi Department Store is Tokyo Dining, another table service restaurant that focuses on a blending of modern décor and traditional Japanese cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dinner, the restaurant aims to transport Guests to downtown Tokyo and immerse them in an authentic experience.

Tokyo Dining features modern décor including modular chairs, intricately textured walls, sleek tiles floor, and curved accent architecture that is juxtaposed with traditional paintings of Japanese flowers and natural artwork. Guests can also enjoy looking out large windows that offer up some of the best views of World Showcase Lagoon thanks to their location on the second level.

Interior of Tokyo Dining

Credit: Disney

The menu at Tokyo Dining heavily focuses on fresh sushi and sashimi and Guests can opt for individual servings like the Spicy Crunchy Roll, California Roll, Hako Rainbow, Unagi Avocado Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, and Bluefin Tuna or indulge in the Fresh Sashimi Sampler that combines tuna, salmon, and yellowtail. Several appetizers are also available including decadent Crab Salad, Miso Soup, and the Wagyu Wrap which includes Wagyu beef, uni, black tobiko, rice, nori, yuzu peel, and a drizzle of sashimi soy sauce.

Sushi at Tokyo Dining

Credit: Disney

The entrée options for lunch and dinner at Tokyo Dining are then broken down into three categories, beginning with Donburi & Noodle selections including Kamo Udon (duck breast), Yaki Udon (noodles), and Unagi Don (barbecued eel). Yakimono options feature Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Salmon, and Sirloin Steak, and the very popular Tempura Choices feature Assorted Tempura with shrimp and an array of vegetables or the Tempura/Sushi Roll Combo with shrimp, vegetables, and a California Roll.

Food at Tokyo Dining

Credit: Disney Dining

The desserts at Tokyo Dining are the same as on the menu at Teppan Edo, and they are the perfect way to end any lunch or dinner. Tokyo Dining is a must-do on any visit to EPCOT, and Guests who can time it right can even enjoy stunning and unique views of Harmonious on World Showcase Lagoon through the windows.

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Exterior of Katsura Grill


Katsura Grill

The main quick-service dining location in the Japan Pavilion is Katsura Grill which is found near the front of the area next to the large pagoda. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the Japan Pavilion, the restaurant is a welcome retreat from the bustling World Showcase Lagoon where Guests can relax with delicious lunch or dinner options.

Katsura Grill is a small indoor ordering location that essentially features just the counters, encouraging Guests to head outside and enjoy their meals in the beauty of their surroundings. There is a charming outdoor patio lit gently at night by string lights that is surrounded by a gently gurgling koi pond and a traditional Japanese garden with bonsai. This quiet patio is a great spot to simply soak in the beauty of the World Showcase and will absolutely transport Guests to a quiet garden in Japan.

Sushi at Katsura Grill


The menu at Katsura Grill is relatively limited but features some incredible meal options that showcase authentic Japanese cuisine with bold flavors. Fresh sushi is always available with options including Spicy Roll, Vegetable Roll, California Roll, or the Tokyo Sushi Combo which features four California Rolls and three pieces of Nigri. Those looking for a small bite or snack can also opt for sides like Miso Soup, Edamame, Yuzu Miso Wings, or a Salad with creamy ginger dressing.

Shrimp Tempura at Katsura Grill

Credit: Disney

The main entrée options offered up at Katsura Grill feature noodle-based meals like the Shrimp Tempura Udon, Tonkotsu Ramen with pork, or the Yasai Udon with vegetables and Guests can also enjoy a light and filling Grilled Chicken Salad. More indulgent meals include Chicken Cutlet Curry, Shrimp and Chicken Teriyaki, and Chicken and Beef Teriyaki, all served with steamed rice and mixed vegetables.

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Exterior of Kabuki Cafe


Kabuki Café

The final dining option in EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion is a quick-service location located in the very front of the area facing World Showcase Lagoon. Kabuki CafĂ© is a small location with an outdoor ordering counter where Guests can order up one of the most unique and delicious snacks in all of World Showcase as well as fresh sushi.

Kakigori at Kabuki Cafe

Credit: Disney

In addition to classic sushi options like the Spicy Roll and California Roll, Kabuki Café features Kakigori, a traditional Japanese shaved ice that Guests can flavor with options like strawberry, melon, cherry, tangerine, blue raspberry, or a rainbow combination. Kakigori is cold and refreshing on any day in World Showcase, and Guests can also opt to add sweet milk topping to it to add a creamy and sweet base for their treat. Enjoying Kakigori while wandering through the Japan Pavilion and enjoying the beauty all around is an amazing way to spend time in EPCOT!

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