It’s Time To Get Over the ‘Childless Adults’ Visiting Disney World.

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In recent years, ‘Disney Adults’ have become the internet’s personal punching bag. The way they dress, the way they express themselves, and of course, how much they love Disney-it’s all grounds for bullying and making fun.

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When someone who’s not a fan of visiting Walt Disney World makes fun of Disney Adults, it makes sense. It’s not nice or kind by any means, but we can see a correlation between a non-Disney fan and the urge to poke fun at an adult Disney fan.

But the hate for Disney Adults has reached a new level because even fellow Disney fans have begun ostracizing Disney Adults. If you’re asking yourself, ‘What kind of Disney fan would criticize a fellow fan for simply being an adult?’ We have the answer for you, but you may not like it: Disney fans who have children.

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Yes, the truth is that nowadays it’s not difficult to find parents who love Disney ranting or complaining about childless adults visiting the Parks and how it may ruin the experience for their children.

But the truth is that Walt Disney World and Disneyland alike, while incredibly child friendly, have not been built with only children in mind. In fact, quite the opposite.

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So the urban legend goes, Walt Disney felt inspired to create Disneyland because he wanted to create something both children and adults could enjoy together as a family.

The result is a series of amazing theme parks full of offerings both adults and children alike will enjoy. From the very beginning, Walt Disney wanted adults to feel included. Not only that, but the only ones able to afford a trip to Disney World are, you guessed it, adults!

As a result, the Walt Disney Company works very hard to appeal to adults.

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With the addition of alcoholic beverages and IPs appealing to adults in the Parks (such as Star Wars or Marvel), it cannot be denied that Disney is actively trying to create a more welcoming atmosphere for adults, even the childless ones. Especially the childless ones!

Furthermore, complaining about childless adults who happen to be existing in the same space as one’s family is, dare I say it, childish.

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