Disney Adults Need to STOP “Ruining This Experience for Everybody Else”

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Disney fans have called out certain Guests for participating in an “incosiderate” Disney tradition.

Over the last few years, a lot of hate has been directed toward “Disney Adults.” Many people have taken it upon themselves to send unnecessary hate toward adults who happen to enjoy Disney movies and theme Parks. The ongoing crusade against the community has caused a lot of resentment and hurt adults who love Disney.

However, sometimes the Disney community is the one calling itself out. In this case, Disney fans are taking a stand against those who choose to participate in one popular “Disney Adult” activity.

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Disney Fan vs. Disney Fan Conflict Arises

There is a plethora of activities that a Disney Adult might participate in inside the Parks. One activity, in particular, has caused quite a divide among fans. This activity takes place at the Haunted Mansion attraction located at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. The Haunted Mansion is one of the most iconic and beloved Disney rides, and it has a massive and dedicated fanbase that supports it endlessly.

One of the most iconic parts of the ride is the narration by the Ghost Host. Many fans who love the ride have the Ghost Host’s narration memorized. This is completely fine, but it crosses the line when these fans decide to speak alongside the narration during the ride. One fan felt irritated after experiencing this, so they decided to do some fan polling.

Haunted Mansion


A poll conducted on Reddit gave fans four options for the question, “Do you enjoy people narrating loudly over the Ghost Host in The Haunted Mansion?” Fans overwhelmingly voted for the “No! Shut up!” option.

Do you enjoy people narrating loudly over the Ghost Host in The Haunted Mansion?
by u/truebeliever08 in Disneyland

Fans began to share personal experiences with this trend. Fans commented saying;

“People that did this ruin the experience for everybody else. If you do this, stop immediately and never do it again.”

“These people live in a bubble and suffer from main character syndrome. They are the same as a few other types of people: People who drive fast through downtown areas with a super loud exhaust, people who say the lines of a movie/TV show before they’re said, people who make a Facebook post when someone they barely knew died, etc. They all can’t stand a group’s attention being somewhere other than them, so they do something stupid to change that.”

“Some jerk we didn’t know who looked like he was by himself, turned directly to my wife and I, made full eye contact with me and narrated the whole thing directly at us, totally ruined the moment.”

Please End This Tradition

It is clear from the response that fans want there to be an end to this tradition. It is important to remember to be considerate of other Guests who may be experiencing a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort for the first time.

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