Are Mickey Ears the Worst Kind of Disney Merchandise?

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This debate is certainly a controversial one within the Disney community.

One of the best things about the Disney Parks is the merchandise. If you are a Disney fan with access to money, chances are, at one time or another, you have spent an irresponsibly large amount of money on merchandise. Disney is incredible at knowing what their fans want, and merchandise is no exception.

If you close your eyes and picture what Guests of Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort look like, chances are you are picturing them with Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse ears.

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Could This Popular Disney Merchandise Be a Waste?

Mickey ears have become an iconic symbol of Disney and are worn by millions of visitors each year in Disney  theme parks. With a variety of different designs and styles, there’s truly a pair for every Disney fan. They have become so popular over the years that many fans feel that they are a kind of theme Park uniform.

However, not all Disney fans love Mickey and Minnie ears. Many actually think that they are very overrated. One fan shared this hot take, saying:

“Worst Disney Souvenirs?

While there are some great souvenirs at WDW, there are some pretty bad ones too. I got a hot take: Mickey/Minnie ears. Unless you are going to the parks often, I think they’re one of the most pointless souvenirs you can get. If you’re like me that only goes to the parks every 4-5 years or so (if you’re lucky), they’re just going to be sitting in storage or a drawer collecting dust. You can’t wear them outside the parks unless you want to look goofy as hell. I just see them as a waste of 30+ dollars and people collect them who never even wear them. I own a single pair, and I just have no idea what to do with them. What’s your least favorite Disney souvenir?”

Worst Disney souvenirs?
by u/KoBxElucidator in WaltDisneyWorld

Fans Debate Mickey Ears

A surprising number of fans agreed with this post that claims the ears are a waste of money. Others think that they are a collectible that can be displayed outside of the Parks as well. The discussion of Mickey ears has also made fans consider some of the other things that are a waste of money in the Parks.

Many fans said ballons are a waste due to the limited lifetime of the product. Others say the toys are a waste because they are much more expensive inside the Parks than outside.


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Overall, what you choose to spend your money on is an entirely personal decision. Merhcandise is all about finding something that makes YOU happy, and no one else’s opinion should matter.

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