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Guests Demand Changes to “Problematic” Mickey Ears

Of all the iconic pieces of Disney merchandise, one item stands above the rest: Mickey and Minnie Ears.

A Mickey and Minnie headband is the ultimate Disney Park accessory. These adorable headbands are loved by Disney fans due to their style but also the variety of options that are offered. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of Mickey’s ears exist. The product is so popular that Disney has even had to fight off fake Disney ear manufacturers.

While Mickey and Minnie ears are a hit for most fans, some people actually find the ears to be offensive. It has gotten to the point that fans are banding together to demand Disney change how they make these ears.

Fans Demand Disney Change Mickey/ Minnie Ears

Disney is once again dealing with some major criticism from fans. In the past, specific ear designs have stirred up some controversy within the Disney community. For example, the platinum pair of ears that was described as having fans “dripping with excitement” did not go over well with the general public. Disney generally has been very successful with their styles, but some fans are questioning the design of the ears themself.

Currently, Mickey’s ears are geared toward men, and Minnie’s ears are geared toward women. There is no main difference in the ears other than the designs and if they have a boy on them. Guests are always able to purchase any ear they would like, but some of Disney’s fans are calling for the company to end gendered ears altogether. Many of Disney’s make fans feel they are given less variety of designs with the Mickey ears. Fans also sometimes do not like the aesthetic of the bow on the Minnie ears.

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A solution has been proposed: detachable bows to make all ears gender-neutral and available for everyone. A post was made in the Walt Disney World Reddit community, saying:

“All Minnie ears should have detachable bows so they can double as Mickey ears and be socially accessible to everyone.” 

And you could even mix and match bows with other compatible headbands!!
by u/disneyfacade in WaltDisneyWorld


Many fans in the comment agree that this would be a welcomed change. It will be interesting to see if the Walt Disney Company listens to fans on this subject and makes the proposed changes.

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