New Disney100 Swarovski Ears Spark Frenzy Among Park Merchandise Fans

Disney 100 Swarovski Ears
Credit: @lifewith_disney, TikTok

Fans of the Walt Disney Company have had no shortage of reminders that the entertainment giant is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Between endearing shorts like Once Upon a Studio (2023) or a collection of Disney100 merchandise, the excitement has built among fans. Recently, the pinnacle collector’s item has appeared in the theme parks – Disney100 Swarovski ears!

These Swarovski Disney ears have seemingly come out of nowhere. No official announcement was made. However, the popular company previously revealed a Disney100 collaboration event in which new merchandise would appear for 25 days until Christmas. It also unveiled several limited edition crystal Disney characters for purchase, including Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck.

Furthermore, the crystal company also made an impressive Cinderella glass slipper recently. As the Disney 100th anniversary event unfolds, let’s dive into these new Swarovski Disney ears and where you can find them!

Cinderella glass slipper swarovski

Credit: Disney and Swarovski

Disney100 Swarovski Ears Come to Parks

The Swarovski Disney ears celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary are now available to purchase in certain sections of Disney Parks. However, it should be noted that they will cost you a whopping $450!

TikTok user LifeWith_Disney posted a video showing the expensive purchase at Disneyland Resort in California. The Swarovski Minnie ears are impressive. They are a simple black design with a pink bow but almost entirely covered by Swarovski rhinestones. The user also noted that these Swarovski crystals are on the back of the ears, too, but not the back of the bow.


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Where to Purchase Swarovski Disney Ears

LifeWith_Disney told fans they found these Disney100 Swarovski ears at the Fortuosity Shop next to Carnation Cafe on Main Street, U.S.A. One user quickly commented that they checked the location after seeing the video, and the store was already sold out! Fortuosity Shop reportedly only had three to sell on October 30 due to the ears just releasing.

The Disney100 Swarovski ears have yet to make their way to the shopDisney website, and no one has reported finding them at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida yet. However, they will likely be made available across multiple platforms and locations as the merchandise rolls out.

Fans Search for Their Favorites in Crowd of 100 Disney Characters Spotted in Park

Credit: Disney

The Allure of Disney Ears

Disney Parks’ iconic “ears” are more than just headwear. They are often adorned with various designs and themes and have become a must-have merchandise purchase for Disney enthusiasts worldwide. It is entirely expected that the company would release Disney100 Swarovski ears to celebrate the milestone.

The popularity of Disney’s ears can be attributed to several factors. First, they are a tangible way for visitors to connect with their favorite Disney characters and stories, as beloved films and attractions inspire many ear designs. This emotional connection makes them a treasured keepsake.

Additionally, Disney continually introduces new and limited-edition ear designs, creating a sense of exclusivity and collectibility. Fans often rush to the parks to get their hands on the latest, limited-release ears, fueling excitement and demand.

guest wearing ears looking at fireworks

Credit: Disney

The ears also offer a customizable touch, allowing visitors to express their individuality by choosing the pair that resonates with them the most. People personalize their ears with names, dates, or unique accessories, making them even more special.

Disney’s marketing and branding prowess also play a significant role in their popularity. The ears are prominently featured in marketing campaigns, and Disney has successfully transformed them into a fashion statement, making them a must-have accessory inside and outside the parks.

There are Disney fans out there who wouldn’t bat an eye to purchasing Disney100 Swarovski ears for the $450 price. Disney Dining will update you on where these new Swarovski Minnie ears appear. Furthermore, new 100th-anniversary celebrations and collectibles will continue to be released throughout the rest of the event!

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