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Inappropriate Disney Merchandise Resurfaces on Social Media; Fans Appalled

Disney merch fail

Can you believe Disney made this?! Inappropriate Disney merchandise has once again made its way into the spotlight on various social media platforms. The resurgence of such items has raised concerns among Disney fans and the general public alike. From items featuring obscene language to clothing with questionable imagery, the presence of these products within the realm of Disney merchandise ...

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Disney Fans Disturbed by Gender-Fluid Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

The Walt Disney Company has been known for experimenting with unique Disney merchandise over the years. Whether it be creative Mickey Ear headbands, unique attire, or adorable stuffed animals, Disney always has unique offerings. However, a Disney Park’s find has left even the most experimental fans slightly befuddled. Disney fans were left feeling confused after an image was shared showing ...

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Disney Faces Backlash for Costly Mickey Mouse Ears


Disney ear headbands are iconic accessories that have become a staple for Disney fans of all ages. These headbands feature various themes and characters that evoke the magic of Disney parks and movies. From classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs to elaborate sequined bows and themed headbands, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you are ...

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Classic McDonald’s Disney Collection Selling For THOUSANDS!

McDonald's Disney toys selling for thousands ebay

When you think of Disney, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t McDonald’s. But Disney and McDonald’s have been teaming up for years, creating tons of memorable meals for Happy Meals. Disney and McDonald’s have created Happy Meal toys featuring classic theme park characters, characters from iconic movies, and Disney characters on popular rides! In recent years, collectors ...

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Fans Baffled by Inappropriate “Bedroom Eyes” Disney Pin

Figment mystery

Disney pins have become cherished collectibles among fans of all ages, each design holding a unique appeal. While many pins boast classic and beloved Disney characters, some designs veer towards the out-of-the-ordinary, making them stand out in a sea of collectibles. These unconventional designs often spark interest and intrigue among collectors for their peculiar designs. One fan shared an incredibly ...

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Disney Reveals New LEGO Set Based on Controversial Film

Snow White remake update

Disney and LEGO have created some incredible collaborations over the years. By meshing the world’s love of LEGO with the captivating characters and stories of Disney, these two companies have been able to create some truly incredible sets and products for fans to enjoy. The collaboration between The LEGO Group and Disney continues to delight fans as they recently unveiled ...

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Disney Mandates an End of Decades Old Theme Park Tradition

Disneyland Resort balloon

This was undoubtedly a bold move for the Disney Parks to make! One of the reasons that fans love the Disney theme parks is because of the community that the parks provide. At Disney, strangers can quickly become friends because of their shared passion and love for the Disney theme park and the Disney movies. Fans can also find a ...

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Disney Store Returns to Fans Across North America After a Nearly Seven-Year Hiatus

disney store glendale california

The Disney Store has finally returned to Disney fans across North America following a nearly seven-year hiatus. Iger’s Era: No More Disney Store  For North American Disney fans who love everything about Disney, Disney stories, Disney films, characters, colors, merchandise, and the like, September 15, 2021, became a dreaded date. By mid-September 2021, most Disney Stores across the continent were ...

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Don’t Wait! New Muppets Geeki Tikis Mugs Revealed

The Muppets Geeki Tiki Collection

Calling all Disney collectors! Merchandise ALERT! That’s right… The Muppets GO TIKI! Find the rainbow connection with this Geeki Tikis mug inspired by Jim Henson’s The Muppets. The Muppets The Muppets, created by Jim Henson, are a beloved ensemble of puppet characters that have entertained audiences worldwide since their debut in the 1950s. Fast forward to several years later, and ...

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