Wearing Ear Accessories Banned at Walt Disney World? Here’s What We Know.

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When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, there are always a lot of rumors flying around, and it can be hard to determine what’s true and what’s not.

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Credit: Brian McGowan

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For example, we’ve all heard the rumors that the famous turkey legs are actually made out of emu…well, luckily, that rumor has been debunked!

But unfortunately, it’s not the only rumor going around right now. This is why we weren’t entirely surprised to see that someone was afraid that Walt Disney World had put a ban on Minnie Mouse ears:

Banning Mickey Ears
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In this social media post, one Guest anonymously asks if Disney ears have been banned in the Parks, as they’ve read it online.

However, another anonymous fan is quick to point out that what they’ve read is a satire article by Mouse Trap News, a satire Disney news website similar to The Onion!

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Credit: Disney

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Satire articles are fun and can always get a good chuckle out of us, but sometimes they can spread rumors! Disney Dining is no stranger to a good satire article, but we’re also no stranger to debunking these rumors.

We’re happy to report that Walt Disney World Resort has not banned any Minnie Mouse ear headband products, any Mickey Mouse hat products, or any handmade Mouse ears.

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Credit: Brian McGowan

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So, whether you like to make your own ears or collect them as soon as they drop from the Disney Store, you’re still in the clear to wear them while visiting Walt Disney World!

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