WARNING: This Magic Key Hack Could Get You BANNED From Disney

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This is essential information for all Passholders to hear!

After months of waiting, many Disney fans were thrilled to purchase a Disney Magic Key pass last week, FINALLY! Fans have been begging the Walt Disney Company to put the Annual Passes back on sale, and fans were thrilled and surprised to see Disney do that at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Now, thousands of new and eager pass holders are thrilled to head to the Parks and take advantage of their new perks.

Unfortunately, some Magic Key holders are being threatened with being banned from the Parks after participating in a seemingly harmless activity. 

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This Harmless Act Could Get Passholders Banned

New Magic Key Passholders are flocking to the Parks to enjoy their new purchases. The thrill of being able to show up and get into the Park without a ticket is huge for many Disney fans. However, some Guests were left shocked and scared after being threatened with a ban for doing a seemingly harmless thing.

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One of the main benefits of being a Passholder is being able to Park-hop throughout the day. There is a caveat to this policy that many Guests do not know. If you are using your Magic Key to go Park Hopping, you will want to make sure that that is not done in too short of an interval. If you do this, your pass could potentially be banned. One Guest reports:

“FYI, your magic key may get flagged if you try to park hop in too short a time interval. Last night we went into DCA, then left after 10 min to go to Disneyland. Our passes wouldn’t scan and they had to bring a lead over. She said it was because the system thought we were still in DCA since we had just scanned in there not long ago. She cleared it and let us back into Disneyland. But apparently it flags because it thinks you might be abusing your passes by letting other people use them or such. She said we should avoid doing that and we should try to stay at least an hour in a park before hopping. She seemed to imply that violating this could get the passes frozen or banned. So, just a heads up.”

Warning: rapid park hopping with magic key
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Magic Key Holders Could Get Banned for Shocking Reason

This information is great to know for all the new Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Pass Holders. If you want to Park hop, make sure to be in one Park for at least thirty minutes before you do so.

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