Magic Key Annual Passes SELL OUT

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Unfortunate news has just come out for those trying to become Disneyland Magic Key Passholders.

Earlier today, Magic Key sales finally resumed for Disneyland Resort. As expected, a massive amount of Walt Disney Company fans swarmed the website in hope of snagging a Magic Key Pass. Disney fans and current pass holders waited in massive virtual queues for hours this morning, waiting to check out and secure their purchases.

Those still hoping to snag one of the passes are out of luck, as one of the Magic Keys has sold out.

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Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort Sells Out Annual Passes

This morning at around 9 a.m. PT, Disneyland Resorts Magic Key Annual Passes went on sale. Many Disney fans hoped to buy a Disneyland Annual Pass to save money instead of buying regular Disneyland Tickets. This is the first time Annual Passes have been available in a while, and the demand has been very high. The Magic Key Passes are tiered for four levels. The different levels correspond to certain perks, merchandise deals, and blackout dates for Park reservations that the passes have.

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First is the Inspire Key for $1,599 the priciest option. This option is available almost all days of the year. Then is the Believe Key, which is $1,099. This pass is the second-best option and has most of the same amenities as the Inspire Key. Then is the Enchant Key, for $699, which has a decent about of blocked-out dates and four available theme Park reservations. Lastly is the most affordable option, the Imagine Key. This pass is only $449 and is available for Southern California Residents exclusively.

Unfortunately as of 3:19 p.m. PT, the Believe Key has sold out. The Enchant Key also sold out later this evening. These options were expected to be the most popular among Magic Key’s fans. Theme Park reporter Scott Gustin announced the news.

The other three passes are still available for Park Guests to purchase at the current moment. This sell-out helps let us know that the annual passes are still in high demand. Those hoping to buy a Magic Key for Disneyland Resort should do so as soon as possible. If you are hoping to buy a Walt Disney World Pass, prepare to be ready to buy when the virtual queue opens.

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