10 Disney Bus Riding Etiquette Tips

Walt Disney World bus transportation is complimentary and a great way to save money and time while on vacation here. You will find them at all the theme parks, the water parks, Disney Springs, each resort, and even a Magical Express from the Orlando International Airport. You can ride a Disney bus from one hour prior to park opening to one hour after park close each day.

10. There are a couple of things banned from Disney buses: luggage (except for the Magical Express from/to the Orlando International airport) and no alcohol on any of the buses. There are several new double size buses in use especially in the morning and during the end of park hours to quickly transport larger groups of people at a time.

9. While waiting to board the bus get in line behind the yellow line as you wait at the location marked for your destination. A bus should be by there every 15-20 minutes. Do not cut in the front of the line or start another line as the bus approaches.

8. Parents, while you are waiting to board have your stroller folded up and ready to go onto the bus without delay. This keeps the buses moving faster and assures you will be able to board that bus rather than waiting for the next one. Strollers must be folded and out of the walkway.

7. When you board the bus find a seat quickly. If you are having to stand- go all the way toward the back of the bus as far as you can go. Fill in all of the available space. It is very frustrating to be standing outside a bus that the people only went part of the way back and watching it pull away with a dozen or so spaces still available.

6. If you are able to stand and you see someone that is older, pregnant, or loaded down with kids hanging on them or in their arms, please use common courtesy and give them your seat. It is very difficult for young children to ride standing up since they cannot reach the bar to hold onto. They are happier and safer sitting on their parent’s lap.

5. Near the doorways of the bus you will see a yellow line on the floor. Stay behind the yellow line. This is a safety issue so be sure you are behind the line. The bus cannot operate if guests are on or in front of the yellow line. You will see these yellow lines throughout the Walt Disney World resort so make sure you are behind these yellow lines until a Cast Member tells you it is safe to cross it.

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4. Do not carry on a conversation with the bus driver. He/She has the safety of all on board, driving the route, traffic, and listening to any radio transmissions and they do not have the time to do all of that and converse with you. Disney bus drivers must know ALL of the routes on property. They do not drive the same route each day, or even for all of their shift. They need to keep every possible route in their heads and be prepared to drive them when radioed their assignment. You cannot stay on the bus and expect to be returned to your starting point because the bus/driver have been given a new assignment.

3. Control your volume. The bus itself is loud, add to that normal conversations going on between people, but then when you have someone rudely talking loud on their phone or even just talking loudly on top of all the other noise is too much.

2. Don’t complain about guests in wheelchairs taking up too much space or too much time as they must board first. They are guests too and they would prefer to have the mobility that you have rather than their physical limitations. Getting angry with them will ruin their day and yours.

1. Please use some patience and common sense when traveling within the Walt Disney World resort whether it is the Disney bus, monorail or boats.

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