Disney Announces a Brand-New Attraction Coming to EPCOT

epcot new nighttime show
Credit: Disney Parks

Disney Parks has just announced a brand-new attraction coming to EPCOT, and Guests who experience it are almost guaranteed to be cast into a celebratory mood.

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Spaceship Earth, KiteTails & other highlights of Disney World's 50th Anniversary | SYFY WIRE

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The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration kicked off on October 1, 2021. Disney World first opened its gates on Friday, October 1, 1971, welcoming more than 10,000 happy fans into Magic Kingdom that day. The 50th anniversary celebration of the opening of the Walt Disney World Resort has been the biggest Disney Parks celebration yet. But as with all good things, this one must come to an end as well.

The celebration was slated to last a full 18 months, meaning the last day of the 50th anniversary festivities will be March 31, 2023. (Remember when that sounded so far away?)Ā  For many fans, the thought of missing something as special as the once-in-a-lifetime 50th anniversary at Disney World is almost too much to bare. But thanks to the good news from Disney Parks, many Guests won’t miss a beat, especially if they’re planning to visit the Central Florida parks later this year.

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Walt Disney World unveils plans for 50th anniversary celebration

Credit: Disney Parks

That’s because during a digital meeting on Wednesday morning, Disney Parks announced that the Walt Disney World Resort will soon join in on the global celebration of the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company, celebrating ten decades of innovation, fun, and creativity.

The official Disney100 celebration kicked off in late January at Walt’s first park, the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. At Disney World, EPCOT will serve as the epicenter of the centennial celebration of all things Disney. Though details were pretty scarce on Wednesday, Disney did promise that more details are coming soon–and that the exciting festivities will be part of “an unforgettable celebration at Walt Disney World.”

As part of those festivities, EPCOT will debut an all-new nighttime spectacular that will tie in with the celebration of Disney100. This spring, EPCOT Forever makes its return to Disney World’s second park. Guests will be able to enjoy the show once again at World Showcase Lagoon, beginning on April 3.Ā EPCOT ForeverĀ will feature memorable EPCOT music, as well as memories from the park’s history. But in the fall, Guests will be treated to a brand-new nighttime spectacular experience (and no moreĀ HarmoniousĀ barges!)
CONCEPT ART revealed for New Nighttime Spectacular Coming to EPCOT This Fall

EPCOT’s new nighttime spectacular debuts Fall 2023./Credit: Disney Parks

Disney will release more details about the Disney100 celebration at Disney World soon.Ā 

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