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You Can Now Travel With Goofy!

Fly with goofy

Gwarsh! The Walt Disney company has announced some amazing news for our friend Goofy. Fans of the loveable character will have the opportunity to travel with him very soon! Take to the Skies in the NEW Goofy Inspired Plane The Walt Disney Company is well aware of how much Disney fans love Goofy. He has been making the world laugh ...

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What to Eat at the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

EPCOT international flower 2023

It’s that time of the year! The EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival is about to begin in the Walt Disney World Resort. This year, Disney has outdone themselves with an incredible selection of tasty treats sure to impress any Disney foodie. Flower & Garden Festival Brings the Food! From March 1 to July 5, EPCOT will be the transformed ...

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Disney Announced BIG Changes to Their Genie+ Service

Disney Genie

Disney has just announced some exciting updates to their Genie+ Service. If you plan to visit the Park anytime soon, you will want to understand the new changes before you go. Updates Coming Soon to Genie+ Disney’s Genie+ service has been in hot water recently. Last weekend was Presidents day at the Disney Park, and it be came clear to ...

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Mike Pence Defends Disney and Crucifies DeSantis

Pence vs DeSantis

Former Vice President Mike Pence has shared his opinion on the seemingly never-ending conflict between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Gov Ron DeSantis. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Pence spoke out in support of the Walt Disney Company and criticised DeSantis’s actions towards the company. Former Vice President Criticises Desantis Mike Pence made an appearance on CNBC’s ...

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Disney Invests Millions in Gender Equality Initiative

Rita disney

Disney has announced some huge news regarding their advocacy for gender equality. The Walt Disney Company has outwardly been an ally for the women movement, but this recent investment shows that they are willing to put money behind their words. Disney Joins First-of-Its-Kind Initative The Walt Disney Company has just made a massive contribution towards gender equality. Fans are overjoiced ...

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Billionaire Investor Predicts Disney’s Impending Doom

Munger Disney

A Billionaire investor has a message for Disney shareholders, and it’s not a good one. In a recent meeting with the Daily Journal, investor Charlie Munger shared that he doesn’t see Disney being able to continue competing the way it used to. Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger was also on the call and, in a way, agreed with Munger. ...

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Disney CANCELS Performance of Nighttime Spectacular


Guests of Walt Disney World Resort had an interesting day yesterday. The massive crowds, ride breakdowns, and smoke-filled air combined were enough to take some of the magic away from Guests. Those visiting Hollywood Studios were met with a particularly disappointing day, especially when it reached nighttime at the Disney Park. Fans Furious Over Cancelation After a long day of wandering through ...

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Smoke and Ashes Swarm Magic Kingdom and EPCOT

Smoke at WDW

Fans visiting the Walt Disney World Resort today were met with an unpleasant surprise. During the day, a smokey haze filled the Parks, with Guests even reporting ashes falling in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Smokey Haze Fills Walt Disney World Usually when Guests are heading to the Disney Theme Parks, they are hoping for no rain. Today, Guests were surprised ...

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Fans Notice BIG Mistake in the Movie ‘Up’

Up Mistake

The movie Up, which came out in 2009, is one of the most adored Walt Disney Studios movies of all time. Fans fell in love with the movies main character, Carl, and felt sympathetic for him because of his heart-wrenching backstory. However, fans of Up have notices a BIG mistake that was made in one of the films most iconic parts. RELATED: “Adventure ...

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Disney Actress Calls Out the Company for Sexualizing Her as a Child

shake it up

A Disney Child-Star has decided to speak out against the entertainment industry for inappropriately sexualizing her back when she was a child. This news is not the first time a Disney alum has called out the industry for inappropriately treating them as young actors. Former Child Star Speaks Out During the Sundance Movie Festival earlier this year, actress Bella Thorne ...

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