Disney’s Super Bowl Commercial Achieves Massive Accomplishment

Disney100 super bowl commercial
Credit: Disney

Last night, the entire country tuned in to watch the biggest football game of the year. Super Bowl Sunday means excellent football, a fantastic halftime show, and incredible new commercials. While the Kansas City Chiefs overtook the Philadelphia Eagles on the field, Disney was the bigger winner last night in another category.

New Disney100 Comercial Wows Fans

Last night during Super Bowl LVII, Disney unveiled a new commercial in honor of the 100th anniversary celebration of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The commercial is an incredible tribute to all of the unrivaled storytelling Disney has done for the past 100 years. The Disney Super Bowl ad features stunning music, a diverse selection of movie moments, and videos of Disney fans. It honors all eras of the Walt Disney Company, and it gives a special thank you to the fans who have helped Disney succeed for so many years. Disney shared some inspiring words about the video, saying the commercial is for, “the fans and storytellers who have sparked the joy and magic that is Disney over the last 100 years.”

The Disney100 commercial was absolutely a stand-out of the night. The stakes could not have been higher, as Super Bowl commercials are incredibly important for brands. Last night’s game expected a record-setting 115 million viewers. This was due to the incredible fanbase of both teams, as well as the highly anticipated halftime performance by singer Rihanna. The mind-blowing amount of viewers makes a Super Bowl advertisment an essential time for brands to meet a massive audience. A 30-second advertisement at the Super Bowl costs a company between $6 and $7 million dollars, so the stakes are high.

Disney100 commerical

Credit: Disney

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Luckily for Disney, their commercial was a hit. According to System1, a program that determines how effective an advertisement is based on emotional responses, the Disney100 Super Bowl ad was the best. System1 uses a scale of 1.0-5.9, and Disney earned a 5.3. This score puts them in the top 1% of ads scored by System1. This commercial was a massive promotion for the Disney theme parks and Walt Disney Animation Studios, so this accomplishment is enormous.

A Much Needed Win for Disney

The commercial’s success is much-needed after a week where Disney has been getting some negative attention in the press. Between the mess happening with the Reedy Creek Bill and the news that Disney would be laying off 7,000 employees, Disney CEO Bob Iger needed a commercial that would help refocus Disney’s brand image in a more positive light. Luckily, this commercial did just that. Celebrations will continue for Disney as they welcome Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs to Disneyland Park today for their Super Bowl Parade.

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