Viral Video Shows Hilarious ‘Fantasy Football’ Punishment at Walt Disney World

fantasy football punishment
Credit: @ournextgreatadventure_ on TikTok

As football season ends, the time for ‘fantasy football’ also does as well. For many fantasy football leagues, the loser must fulfill an embarrassing punishment of some like. Usually, a fantasy football punishment consisists of something like wearing a silly outfit or getting a bad haircut. When it comes to TikTik user @ournextgreatadventure_, his punishment is spending a day at Magic Kingdom- but there is a catch!

dumbo ride

Credit: Disney

A Day at Magic Kingdom… As a Punishment?

Fantasy football leagues are a trendy pastime for fans of American Football. The league consists of a group of friends who roleplay as general managers of their own virtual team. Members of the league will do a mock draft of players until they have created their full team. Throughout the season, each player is awarded points based on their performance in real life. At the end of the season, each fantasy football league determines its winner and looser based on cumulative points.

Seems harmless right? It is, for the most part, unless you are the loser. The loser of fantasy football, meaning the league member with the least amount of points, has to endure a punishment that was agreed on before the season started. In the case of TikTok user, Jimmy or @ournextgreatadventure_, that punishment was a day at Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom.

mickey mouse and cinderella castle at disney world

Credit: Disney

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How to Make Magic Kingdom a Punishment

Jimmy’s punishment was simple: spend an entire day from 8:30 am to 11 pm at Magic Kingdom. The twist? He could only do what Disney’s Genie+ recommended for him. For those who don’t know, the Disney Genie service offers personalized recommendations for things to do during your day. While the concept seems nice, the recommendations are usually not ideal. Thus, hilarity ensues for Jimmy.


What a day. And the moment I thought I’d get to do a bunch of my favorites the rain took it all away #disney #disneyworld #magickingdom #genie #disneygenie #fantasyfootballloser #fantasyfootballpunishment

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The day starts with Jimmy rope-dropping… Dumbo. Form them on, Jimmy’s whole day becomes an incredibly inconvenient and messy sequence of events. After watching this video, we agree that this does seem like a punishment.

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