Disney Has Created Hologram of Walt Disney

Walt Disney hologram
Credit: Disney

Have you ever wanted to meet Walt Disney in real life? Despite the fact that he has been dead for the last 57 years, Guests attending Disney’s new touring exhibition will be greeted by Walt Disney himself.

Disney100 expo

Credit: Disney

Disney100 Exhibition to Begin World Tour

As part of its 100-year celebration, the Walt Disney Company has created two exhibitions to tour the world. The first exhibition will open to Guests on Saturday at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, where it will remain until Augast 27. From there, this Disney100 exhibition will venture to serveral cities in North America. The second Disney100 exhibition will open in Munich on April 18. Both of these attractions will be part of the Walt Disney Company’s way of celebrating their 100th year of innovation with their fans.

Both exhibitions are identical in design, with each displaying 250+ items in their massive 15,000-square-foot spaces. The exhibition promises unique interactive installations and iconic pieces from Disney’s last 100 years. Some artifacts include original artworks, props, costumes, and other items relating to the company’s most popular characters. The exhibition is an immersive experience that will show visitors archival pieces the public doesn’t get to see regularly. It will also be a way for Disney to encourage their fans to keep celebrating the magic with a visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland.

The Disney100 exhibition will cover all eras of Disney history and will even tap into Pixar,  Marvel, and Star Wars. Prices will range depending on the venue, but tickets for the Philadelphia residency are between $25-$45 for visitors. Disney expects to sell hundreds of thousands of tickets, as the tour is set to go until 2028.

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Walt Disney Takes New Form

The big showstopper of the exhibition is the hologram of Walt Disney. To see such an important figure in person, even if it’s digitally rendered, is the dream of many Disney fans. Disney created the hologram using videos of Walt Disney and artificial intelligence. This life-sized digital avatar of Walt Disney is unlike anything Disney has ever done before. In an interview with the New York Times, Becky Cline, director of Disney Archives, says, “I get goose bumps every time I see it.”

Walt Disney

Credit: D23

The thought of a hologram is already causing a stir on social media. Some people don’t think that it is ethical to create a digital avatar of someone who has already passed away. Regardless of how you feel about the issue, it is impossible to deny that this new Disney100 exhibition is likely to sell out with this Walt Disney hologram included.

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