Fans ‘Disgusted’ by New Walt Disney Hologram

walt hologram concerns
Credit: Good Morning America and Disney

The Walt Disney Company shocked fans when they announced they would be creating a life-sized hologram of founder Walt Disney. Today, the world got a first look at the new hologram, and some fans find the hologram’ disgusting.’

Walt Disney Hologram Divides a Fanbase

This morning, Good Morning America aired a first look at the lifelike hologram of Walt Disney. The hologram show is one of the central attractions in the new Disney100 exhibition that will be touring the world. The exhibition makes its first stop in Philadelphia, where it will open to visitors on Saturday before traveling to several other locations. The hologram was made using artificial intelligence and archival footage of Walt Disney. After its debut on GMA this morning, fans aired out some of their major concerns with the hologram.

Hologram of walt disney

Credit: Good Morning America and Disney

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The main issue some fans have is that they don’t think the hologram is ethical. Since Walt Disney has been dead for 57 years, this kind of technology is not something he was ever able to approve for use. They belive that Walt Disney deserves to rest in peace, and they think that this hologram is a tacky way of continuing his legacy.

The other main criticism from fans is that some fans do not think the hologram looks like Walt Disney. Cleary, their is a major resemblance in the face, but many have pointed out that the hologram’s body movements and emotions do not match up with how Walt’s person.

Since the video debuted this morning, more than one fan has voiced their opinion on Twitter.

Critics Take To Twitter to Voice Concerns

Twitter has exploded with fans voicing their disapproval of the lifelike hologram. By the second, more and more people have retweeted the video and added their own options. One user shares his qualms with the hologram.

One fan doesn’t mind the use of the technology, but questions the resemblance to Walt Disney.

Another user criticizes the ethics of the hologram.

Hundreds of other comments call the hologram “dystopian,” “satanic,” and “blasphemous.” Many don’t understand the reason why Disney would make a hologram of a dead person.

Disney Yet to Adress Concerns over Hologram

As of now, no comment has been made by the Walt Disney Company to address the negative backlash on the Hologram display. While many do not approve of it, some fans love the hologram and look forward to seeing it on display at the Disney100 exhibition.



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