#YourBadToyStory5Pitch on Twitter Pokes Fun at the Upcoming Sequel

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This week Toy Story fans rejoiced at the news that there was a fifth movie in the works at Pixar. Some Disney and Pixar fans are less than optimistic about the upcoming film and are questioning what it could be about. Fans and naysayers alike took to social media to poke fun at the upcoming sequel by sharing some comical plotline ideas under #YourBadToyStory5Pitch.

Toy STory

Credit: Disney

‘Toy Story 5’ in the Works at Disney

Most people thought the franchise’s fourth movie would be its last, but that is not the case. Now fans are left to speculate what the plot could be for the fifth movie. Fans took to Twitter to come up with some creative and comical plotlines for the upcoming movie- and the results are hilarious.

User @DanSlott pokes fun at actor Tom Hanks, who has played the character Woody since the first film, which was released in 1995.

User @EricOswald1 has a more… unique idea for the fifth film.

User @Drew_B_Johnson hopes to see the toys start an uprising.

This pitch by user @SuperlaserSeth seems awfully familiar…

After reading the pitch from @SamKurnit, it’s clear that that’s enough Twitter for today!

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What Will the Real ‘Toy Story 5’ Be About?

All jokes aside, Toy Story 5 is a real movie that Pixar is going to release. The ending of Toy Story 4 (SPOILER!) ended with the gang parting ways and starting a new chapter. This ending did feel like the end of a series, but in reality, many fans were left feeling unsatisfied by the fourth movie. Of the four movies, the last had the weakest ratings from critics and fans. The Buzz Lightyear origin story, Lightyear, also did not meet the mark of many Pixar fans. With the announcement of the fifth movie, Toy Story fans are hoping that the fifth movie will be the perfect culmination for the franchise.

As of now, the only actor who has publically confined their contribution to the movie is actor Tim Allen, who plays Buzz Lightyear. Fans will have to keep speculating until Disney announces an actual plot for our favorite characters.

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