Colorblind Bride Sees Color for the First Time at Walt Disney World Wedding

Colorblind wedding
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Kristin Robinson just had an unbelievably magical wedding. Kristin, who is from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, has been colorblind her entire life. This changed on her wedding day at Walt Disney World Resort, where Kristin saw color for the first time.

colorblind bride on wedding day

Credit: WFLA.com

Colorblind Glasses Makes Wedding Dream Come True

When Kristin first heard about colorblind glasses, she knew that she wanted to try them out. Instead of immediately trying them, she decided to wait until her wedding day. After a lifetime of being colorblind, Kristin wanted to see color for the first time as a bride.

Kristins’s color blindness, also known as deuteranopia, is the red-green type. This means that she can’t see pink, and can barely see reds, greens, and browns. To make this experience extra special, Disney made sure to fill her wedding with pink flowers.

Colorblind family at wedding

Credit: WFLA.com

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Kristin’s father and two brothers also wore colorblind glasses at her wedding, as they both are colorblind as well. Kristin and her family were all able to experience the beautiful colors of Walt Disney World together on her special day.

At her wedding, Kristin saw her groom, Nick, in color for the first time. The couple had their ceremony at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. After the ceremony, the couple was able to spend the rest of their day in one of their favorite places. The pair watched Disney’s nighttime spectacular, “Harmonious,” at EPCOT, during which Kristin realised for the first time that fireworks have different colors.


Credit: WFLA.com

A Magical Wedding at Disney

Many Disney fans dream of one day getting married at a Disney Park. Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons helps plan the perfect Disney wedding at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort. Disney also just released their new 2023 collection of Fairy Tale wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, which are perfect for a Disney Wedding. Kristin and Nick’s love story is inspiring, and their wedding was undeniably beautiful. We’re sure their wedding will inspire many people to marry at the most magical place on earth.


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