Mahomes Doesn’t Want to Celebrate His Next Super Bowl Win at Disneyland or Walt Disney World

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After winning the Super Bowl, MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes exclaimed on Sunday night, “I’m going to Disneyland.” On Monday, he fulfilled that promise. While visiting the Park, Mahomes surprised fans when he made a unique request to the Walt Disney Company on where he would like to celebrate his next Super Bowl win.

Chiefs at Disneyland

Credit: The Orange County Register

Kansas City Chiefs Celebrate at Disneyland

The whole country tuned in this past weekend to watch the Super Bowl LVII game. After an intense game, the Kansas City Chiefs overcame the Philidelphia Eagles and won 38-35. After some much-needed rest, Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs took the traditional trip to a Disney theme Park on Monday, February 13.

This year, for location reasons, that Park was Disneyland. The Chiefs earned VIP treatment at Disneyland this year. The streets of the Park were flooded with fans, all eagerly sporting Chiefs jerseys and merchandise. No Eagles fans were to be seen at Disneyland this past Monday.

This is not Mahomes’ first time to a Disney Park; in 2020, he celebrated another Super Bowl win at Walt Disney World. Mahomes began poking fun at his now frequent trips to the Parks.

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Credit: The Orange County Register

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Mahomes Has an Odd Request for Disney

After visiting both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Mahomes has set his sights on bigger things. In an interview with Washington Post, quarterback Mahomes said, “They’re gonna have to make some more parks so I can do a world tour.”

After his next Super Bowl win, Mahomes wants to be sent to a Disney Park out of the country. China, Hong Kong, Japan, and France are all options for him. Mahomes elaborated, “I’ve heard Shanghai is a great Park, I would like to travel to them all at some point.” Mahomes clearly has ambitions to visit a Disney theme Park abroad, but he knows there is only one way to make this happen. “I’ll have to get to work and win some more Super Bowls,” says Mahomes.

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Credit: The Orange County Register

It is fun to see Mahomes propose the idea of an international Super Bowl celebration, and fans are curious is Disney would ever go forward with the idea. But what happens if Mahomes runs out of parks? Luckily he has the perfect location for a new one. “Kansas City wouldn’t be a bad place,” says Mahomes.

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