Firefighters Battle 5-Acre Fire outside Walt Disney World

fire outside WDW
Credit: FOX 35 and Disney

Fire Marshals have begun investigating what could have started the massive fire that burned outside of Walt Disney World on Thursday. Reports from the Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS say that this brutal fire has released fumes due to the large amount of plastic that the fire melted. Concerned fans and local officials are looking for answers on how this 5-acre fire escalated.

Fire outside disney

Credit: FOX 35

Fire Breaks Out at Nursery Supplies, Inc.

Thursday, February 16, was a dramatic day for firefighters based around Walt Disney World Resort. In the early morning, a fire was reported at Nusery Supplies, Inc., and firefighters jumped into action.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, it had already escalated to a serious situation. Two acres of land was already on fire. What had caught fire was the nursery’s pallets, and these burning pallets contained plastic planters. At around 11 a.m., crews fighting the fire began establishing air monitoring devices. Hazmat and Florida Department of Environmental Protection arrived on the scene due to their concern for the large amount of melting plastic.

Fire outside disney

Credit: FOX 35

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75 Firefighters Are Called to Action

The fire was tough to fight. The Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS reported that 75 firefighters and 21 vehicles were on the scene. These firefighters battled the flames for hours. At its worse, the fire had engulfed nearly 5 acres of land. By 2:50 p.m., it was reported that the fire at Nursery Supplies, Inc. was contained. Cleaning up the melted plastic would take the team much longer.

Melted plastic fire

Credit: FOX 35

Thankfully, the team of employees at Nursery Supplies, Inc. were able to evacuate the fire in time. While much damage has been done to the land, no one was injured. Osceola County Fire’s Deputy Chief, Jon Haskett, believes that a propane take exploding was likely what caused the fire. Everyone is thankful that the firefighters were able to respond to the scene and put out the fire in an efficient manner. Understadibly, this situation caused a lot of stress for many, especially due to the fact that the fire was so close to Walt Disney World. The community is incredibly thankful for the great work done by The Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS on Thursday.



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