Where Is Pixar’s New ‘Dug Days’ Short?!

Carl's Date Missing
Credit: Disney

Something very confusing is happening on Disney+. One of the platform’s most highly anticipated releases has missed its premiere on the platform. Fans are left totally confused about what happened to the short film as Disney’s silence on it continues.

‘Carl’s Date’ Misses Release Date

The short film in question is called Carl’s Date. The short follows Carl Fredricksen as he navigates going on his first date since his wife’s death. This film was set to be released on Feburary 10th, and the short film generated a lot of buzz on social media. The release date made sense because Valentine’s Day is so close, and the movie’s plot is centered around finding love.

In Carl’s Date, fans looked forward to seeing some of their favorite characters from the movie Up. One of the most beloved characters from the movie is Dug, an adorable golden retriever with a unique collar that allows him to speak. This lovable dog was so popular that he was given his own spinoff series on Disney+. Carl’s Date was going to be the newest episode of this series, which is called Dug Days. 

Dug Days

Credit: Disney

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Why Hasn’t ‘Carl’s Date’ Been Released?

Fans are very confused as to why Carl’s Date has yet to be released. Some wonder if the release could be due in part to the negative feedback some fans are giving on the plot of the short. Carl’s Date follows Carl getting ready for his first date since the death of his wife, which some fans believe is out of character and wrong.

In the opening scene of Up, we see the love story of Carl and his wife Ellie. The opening sequence, which is called “Married Life”, is a tearjerker and likely the most popular part of the whole movie. We get to see what an incredibly devoted and loving partner Carl was, and see how affected he was by his wife’s tragic death.

Some fans do not like the idea of Carl moving on from Ellie, and have shared their distaste on Twitter.

Another writes:

As of now, no explanation for why the film was not being released has been announced. There has also been no update on when, or if, the film will release in the future.

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