Disney+ to Release an All New ‘Up’ Spinoff Short Film For Valentine’s Day

When Disney Pixar’s film Up (2009) debuted, it instantly became a fan favorite for the fun characters, the childish whimsy, and most notably, the simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming four-minute opening sequence.

carl and ellie during Up's married life sequence

Credit: Disney Pixar

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Many fans of this “Married Life” opening sequence regard it as one of the best love stories ever told, and it’s often praised for how quickly it immerses viewers into the lives of these characters. Not only that, but the montage delicately introduces children to the concepts of loss and subsequently moving on as the characters experience a miscarriage and the loss of a spouse firsthand.

For many, this introduction to the film was groundbreaking. If you need a refresher, here’s the famous “Married Life” sequence. (Just a friendly warning: you may want to grab some tissues!)

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With a montage so brief and moving all at once, it is no surprise that this opening is the most memorable moment in the film.

Of course, there are other reasons to love this movie, such as the fun characters and their heartwarming relationships. During the film, Carl Fredricksen befriends Russell, a young Junior Wilderness Explorer in need of a positive father figure, a giant flightless bird who wants to protect her hatchlings, and Dug, a misfit talking dog.

Dug was so popular that he even got his own spinoff series on Disney+ called Dug Days. In the Dug Days series, the audience follows the lovable dog on his ‘misadventures’ as he navigates his new life and the everyday events of suburbia.

dug days title

Credit: Disney+

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For Valentine’s Day, Disney+ (or Disney Plus) is releasing a new episode of Dug Days titled “Carl’s Date,” which centers on Carl Fredricksen as he prepares for his first date since Ellie passed away. The episode’s release date is February 10.

One of the film’s most prominent themes is the need to move on and share love and kindness with those around you instead of preserving it for deceased loved ones. We can assume that this short will also focus on this essential theme!

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If it’s anything like the original Pixar Animation Studios film, this new short will undoubtedly be incredibly heartwarming and moving. Tune in to Disney+ this February 10 for the upcoming episode of Dug Days!

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