Kevin, the Fan-Favorite Flightless Bird, Meets a Dug Look-A-Like In This Adorable Video

Whether visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT, Guests can meet face characters while visiting Walt Disney World Resort. Each Disney Park has different character meet-and-greets or interactions, but Animal Kingdom undoubtedly has the wildest encounters of all.

One of the most whimsical and delightful characters that can be met in the Disney Park is Kevin from Up (2009).

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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UP is a Disney Pixar film about an old man, Carl Fredricksen, who attempts to get his house to Paradise Falls in South America using hundreds of balloons. Along the way, Carl accidentally brings Russel, a young Wilderness Explorer, comes face to face with the monster of Paradise Falls (Kevin), and meets Dug (a dog who can talk thanks to technology).

up disney+

Credit: Disney

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Kevin is a colorful and ginormous flightless bird. Although her name is Kevin, she’s actually a mother bird trying to return to her hatchlings. Because she’s such a silly character with a big personality despite having no dialogue (unless you count squawking, cawing, and screeching), she quickly became a fan favorite. Guests can even meet Kevin in Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island.

kevin up discovery island

Credit: Disney

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One Guest recently visited the Disney Park and brought along her service dog, who bears a striking resemblance to Dug, the lovable talking dog. While walking around Discovery Island, the pair came across Kevin, who was very curious about the adorable Dug look-a-like. What ensued was one of the cutest character meet-and-greets ever.


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In this video, we can see Kevin’s silly reaction to the service dog and the service dog’s alert reaction to the 9-foot bird. It’s Disney magic if we’ve ever seen it!

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