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The Company Who Manufactures Disney’s Rides Has Been SOLD to a Chinese Company

Test Track wdw

This news could significantly impact Disney’s future. We all know that Disney’s incredible team of Disney Imagineers is responsible for dreaming up the imaginative and outstanding rides and attractions at the Disney Parks. However, it takes a village to complete such a massive undertaking, and Disney often outsources the manufacturing of their rides to other engineering teams. These engineering companies ...

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The Disney Line Wait-Time Hack You NEED TO KNOW!

space. mountain

There is no doubt that Disney Parks are the happiest and most magical places on Earth. There is simply nothing else in the world that can compare to the immersive experience that Disney provides. Getting to experience your favorite characters and movies in a live and immersive setting is something you can rarely find anywhere else. However, with any good ...

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Guests Evacuated After FIRE Reportedly Breaks out on ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Ride

guardians of the galaxy mission breakout disneyland

Guests were panicking after they were rushed off of one of Disney’s most popular attractions. When you are visiting Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, all every person hopes for is that their vacation goes perfectly. While this is nearly impossible to accomplish, everyone hopes that their vacation is at seamless as possible. Usually, Guests experience things like unexpected ...

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Disney’s Monorail PLUS Two Featured Attractions are CLOSING

Disneyland monorail

This may significantly affect your next vacation to Disney. When you are spending your hard-earned money on a Disney vacation, it can be devastating to find out that one of your favorite rides or attractions will be unavailable during your visit. Closures are one of the many gambles you take when planning a Disney Parks vacation. As much as you ...

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Walt Disney World Is “BARREN”; No Guests to Be Found

main street disneyland

What is going on? Usually, the Disney Parks are incredibly popular and crowded places to spend a vacation. Millions of Guests from all over the world head to the Parks every year, which causes a large but expected crowd level. Waiting in lines and squeezing past other Guests is something that Guests know to be ready for when they enter ...

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Is It ETHICAL to Visit Walt Disney World Given the State’s Politics?!

Disney jail

This debate has been at the forefront of many Disney fans’ minds.¬† Every year, millions of families choose to travel to Disney to spend their hard-earned money and vacation time. A big reason that families choose Disney year after year is because of the sensation known as the “Disney Bubble.” Many Guests feel that by entering Disney, they are escaping ...

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DISCOURSE Over the REVEALED Figment Annual Passholder Magnet; Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Yours

figment EPCOT

Earlier this month, fans were thrilled to learn that Annual Passholders would be getting their Annual Magnet soon. Fans were even more excited when they learned that the magnet would be themed after the loveable dragon Figment! Now, Disney has announced the details of when and where this magnet will be available for pickup. They also revealed what the magnet will look ...

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Guests SHOCKED to See Stray HORSE on Disney Park Property

horse at Disney

Recently, there has been quite a lot of public attention on the animal creatures that call the Disney Parks home; and we’re not talking about Animal Kingdom! Every year during springtime, families of Ducks and their baby ducklings call both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort their home. It is absolutely adorable to see nature roam free throughout the ...

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