The U.S. President Who HAUNTS Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Presidents haunted mansion
Credit: Wikipedia and Disney

Calling all Haunted Mansion fans!

There is so much lore and mystery around Disney’s most spooky attraction. The Haunted Mansion has spooked Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort Guests for decades. Super fans of the ride love dissecting every detail, and many feel they know all of the lore surrounding it.

However, there is one fact about Haunted Mansion that even die-hard fans might be surprised to know; Included in the 999 happy haunts of Haunted Mansion is the President of the United States!

Guests haunted mansion

Credit: Disney

A Former United States President is Now a Happy Haunt

If you have ever had the pleasure of entering the Haunted Mansion, you know that many details are scattered throughout the ride. This is a big reason why Guests love the attraction and keep returning after decades of use.

The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park opened 53 years ago on August 9, 1963. The attraction is based in New Orleans Square. In 1971, the attraction came to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort. Hardcore Haunted Mansion fans love to know everything about the ride and the creativity that Walt Disney Imagineers put into the attraction.

One fan noticed something exciting on a recent trip to the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Resort. Located in the Mansions attack is a portrait that looks eerily similar to a former President of the United States. The Guest posted a photo on Reddit to see if his theory was correct.

Is this James Madison in the Haunted Mansion?
by u/CaliforniaScreamers in Disneyland

It turns out that this fan was spot-on. There is a portrait of President James Madison hanging in the Haunted Mansion. Another Guest offered some more profound knowledge, saying;

“It absolutely is James Madison. Interesting find. Maybe Walt or an Imagineer was a fan so they stuck it in as homage? As for the print’s background – Portrait of James Madison, engraved and published in the Story a Great Nation by John Gilmary Shea and edited in New York by Gay Brothers & Company in 1884.”

james madison haunted mansion

Credit: @CaliforniaScreamers (LEFT), James Madison United States MINT (RIGHT)

According to another commenter, the James Madison portrait was a prop in Fort Wilderness. After it closed, the picture, alongside other props from Fort Wilderness, was moved to the attic of the Haunted Mansion.

This is an interesting fact about the Haunted Mansion attraction, and it is something to look out for the next time you enter the mansion!

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