Fan Breaks Down EVERY Easter Egg in the New ‘Haunted Mansion’ Trailer

Haunted Mansion
Credit: Disney

The new Walt Disney Studios movie Haunted Mansion, directed by Justin Simien,  is set to scare audiences starting July 28, 2023. The movie, which stars actors including Rosario Dawson, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Danny DeVito, is going to be an exciting new take on the Haunted Mansion story. Haunted Mansion will pull inspiration from the Disney Parks ride it is based on, which is an attraction surrounded by a lot of lore. Many die-hard Haunted Mansion fans were thrilled to see the new trailer, which was released yesterday. One fan even went as far as to break down every easter egg he could find in it!

Secrets in the ‚ÄėHaunted Mansion‚Äô Trailer

Twitter user Brian Saeger (@SkywalkerBrian) describes himself as being ‚Äúbeyond obsessed with the famous attraction.‚ÄĚ To celebrate the release of the trailer, Brian investigated every minute detail he could find in it. The result was an epic thread full of Haunted Mansion¬†information.

Brians’s thread is full of exciting information on the movie and the ride. One of the coolest things he notices was the details in the Masions facade and with The Bride, Constance Hatchaway.

The new trailer has some gorgeous imagery already. The haunting yet beautiful look of the new film seems incredibly exciting. One of the prettiest shots of the trailer is one where we can see The Hatbox Ghost. Brian makes the connection that the green light in the shot could be a nod to the scrapped project that the Hatbox Ghost had in July of 2010.

hatbox easter egg

Credit: Disney and @SkywalkerBrian

Speaking of ghosts, Brian was also able to spot the Ghost Host right away. The portrait in the movie looks very similar to the portrait on the ride. The wallpaper even looks similar to the iconic wallpaper of the Haunted Mansion ride.

haunted mansion easter egg

Credit: Disney and @SkywalkerBrian

Haunted Mansion is Sure to Scare

There is so much more to be discovered with this movie. The attention to detail, gorgeous cinematography, and visual effects has made this film one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

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