The Man Fans Call “Walt Disney REINCARNATED”

Disney lookalike
Credit: Disney and Bill Burnz

Walt Disney is one of the most influential and adored people ever. For the last 100 years, the Walt Disney Company has inspired billions of people to follow their dreams, and none of that would have happened without the mind of Walt Disney. Even though he is no longer with us today, Walt Disney’s mission for magic still thrives in Disney Parks and Entertainment.

When visiting the Parks, some Guests feel like Walt Disney is still right there with them. For Guests visiting the Parks at the same time as Bill Burnz, it also looks like Walt Disney is there!

roy and walt disney holding newspaper

Credit: Walt Disney Hometown Museum


The Life of Walt Disney’s Doppelganger

One of the most popular hobbies amongst Disney fans is cosplaying and Disney bounding. This means dressing up as a character and impersonating their personalities. Disney bounding refers to Guests cosplaying in a more subtle way to appease Disney’s dress code. Most cosplayers have to alter their physical appearance in order to replicate a character, but when it comes to Bill Burnz, the transformation to one of his cosplays is much simpler.

walt disney sitting on bench at disneyland

Credit: Walt Disney Archives

Bill Burnz, also known as billburnzcosplay, describes himself as “…a 60-year-old cosplayer aiming to spread happiness and demonstrate the beauty in life.” Burnz is a huge Disney fan and has amassed over 60,000 on TikTok for his talents. He is most widely known for his uncanny resemblance to Walt Disney, which he first tried out during Dapper Day celebrations in the Parks.


A look back from 2022 when a friend of mine suggested I dress as Walt for Dapper Day! Who would’ve known this would open a whole new world of adventures, people and opportunities? #Billburnzcosplay #disneyland #trailer #cinematic #waltdisney #dapperday #disney #mickeymouse

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When you see a picture of Burnz and Disney side by side, it is hard not to acknowledge the resemblance. Thousands of fans feel emotionally drawn to Brunz because he gives modern-day fans a look into what Disney would look like in the Parks today. His comments are flooded with fans questioning if he is “Walt Disney reincarnated.” Bill Burnz is just happy to be able to spread his love of Disney and his love of cosplay with the world.

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