Former Imagineer Worked With Walt Disney And Created Iconic Design

Tania McKnight Norris and Walt Disney

Disney Parks official Twitter account just dropped an interview with Tania McKnight Norris, a former Disney Imagineer that worked with Walt Disney himself! This video is the newest treat in Disney Parks’ celebration of Halfway to Halloween. In her interview, Tania gives us some insider information about the creation and decor of the infamous Haunted Mansion ride.

Tania Mcknight Norris worked alongside Walt Disney while he developed the top secret “Project X.” That top secret project is now the largest vacation spot in the world known and The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. To speak about the Haunted Mansion attraction, Norris has returned to Disney World for the first time since she was there with Walt Disney in 1965!

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Tania McKnight Norris and Walt Disney


Calling Haunted Mansion one of her favorites, Norris explains that she’s worked on some aspects of Disney land now labeled iconic, or “so they tell [her].” In fact one of her designs is now on clothing that Guests frequently wear throughout the Parks.

The “Purple Wallpaper” from Haunted Mansion started out as a “doodle in her notebook!” Norris describes the “Purple Wallpaper” design as taking on “a life of its own.” Not only did the aesthetic become emblematic of the classic ride, the pattern spread to merchandise, and now will even be featured in the upcoming reboot film from the Walt Disney Studios, Haunted Mansion (2023). You can see it in theaters on July 28!

Purple Wallpaper


Reflecting on her experience, Disney legend Tania McKnight Norris concludes, “I guess that’s the magic of Disney, isn’t it?” Walt Disney would be proud to see what an impact even his Imagineer’s smallest designs have made on Guests. The Haunted Mansion ride is located in Liberty Square of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as well as Disneyland in California, and Tokyo Disneyland.

Halfway to Halloween is an annual Disney Parks celebration that occurs about six months before Halloween. There are limited-time activities and food and beverage offerings in the Disney Parks, as well as a slew of content for people to enjoy from home.

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