Your Zodiac Sign Matches A Disney Parks Snack!

Disney Food Zodiac

Whether you prefer Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT’s World Showcase, or you frequent Disneyland Resort more often, these Disney Parks snacks are the definitive choices for each zodiac sign.

Aries – Kitchen Sink Sundae

Like the Kitchen Sink Sundae, few are on your level. You’re the type to get bored easily, but the Kitchen Sink Sundae has so much going on that there’s no way your taste buds won’t be entertained. The different ice creams and toppings will help you forget your frustrations – if you can even remember why you were angry in the first place. This is the type of dessert someone would dare you to eat by yourself, and you’re not one to turn down a dare.

Kitchen Sink Sundae


Taurus – Churro

People are always calling you stubborn but you just don’t like big changes! The churro is a classic, cozy choice that will make you feel like you’re at home for a second in the middle of your hectic park day. Let the cinnamon donut taste cuddle you with its fluffy center and crispy ridges. Plus it’s something tried and true, instead of deciding between all the Mickey-themed food items.


Disney Parks

Gemini – Caramel Apple

Disney Caramel Apples are almost as charismatic as you. Have you seen the amazing designs, vibrant colors, and variety of choices they come in? They grab the attention of everyone, even if just for a second. They’ve got a little bit of everything just like you. You might buy a caramel apple because of the way it looks, but after all the layers, you may find out the inside doesn’t exactly match what you were expecting.

Caramel Apples

Disney Parks

Cancer – Mickey Waffles

You’re a sensitive soul and Mickey Waffles are the perfect comfort food to start off your Disney Parks day. These waffles are available at every Disney breakfast buffet and that reliability is priceless. Mickey Waffles are pros at taking on other people’s problems. Did you wake up at 6 am to get a jump on your Magic Kingdom day? Mickey Waffles are there. Are you exhausted from your previous day at EPCOT? Mickey Waffles.

Mickey Waffles


Leo – Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich (aka the Nutella Waffle)

You stand out in a creative way. You need a waffle that does the same and matches your big personality! The fresh fruit topping is so colorful and pretty, it’ll match your own gorgeous look, even if other people don’t quite get it. This is the luxurious waffle choice inside the Disney Parks, and all things luxury speak to you. Your thoughts are “Why settle for a Mickey Waffle when such a sophisticated, Nutella-filled option exists?!”

Nutella Waffle


Virgo – Eggroll

You might be surprised they’re a park staple, but egg rolls are such a useful quick fix to park day fatigue! You’re not a stranger to needing to feel useful, and that’s why eggrolls are perfect for you. The other snacks throughout Disney just aren’t going to do the job, and you low-key judge the people eating all the sugary concessions. It’s just not practical! Thank goodness Disney thought of everything, just like you always do, and made egg rolls available at the park.



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Libra – The Grey Stuff

You basically are The Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast. The aesthetics are always top-notch and even a little fantastical. You don’t love being alone, and The Grey Stuff is happily living on a menu full of other Beauty and the Beast treats without being the main event. Who wants to stir that conflict anyway? But don’t worry about your chronic indecisiveness about whether you’ll like it or not, we all already know that The Grey Stuff “is delicious!”

Grey Stuff


Scorpio – Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

People can overlook the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich for the more classic Mickey Bar, and that betrayal hurts, but you totally get that pain. The Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich is the perfect choice for you because it’s cool without being mainstream. Plus the two cookies holding the ice cream kind of look like a dessert leather jacket – which is definitely your vibe. Scorpios are known for their piercing eyes, and if you really look, the Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich will stare into your soul.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Brandon Glover

Sagittarius – Mickey Bar

If you’re at the parks, you definitely should get a Mickey Bar. You are the one that makes everyone around you feel good. You are a classic! Even though you can be a little messy at times, your whimsy and reliability are hallmarks that keep people coming back for more. You’re smart and a hard worker, and emotions are a big thing for you. A Mickey Bar is chock full of all that nostalgia and magic that makes Disney so special. This is the park snack your heart chooses.

Mickey Bar


Capricorn – Mickey Pretzel

You’re mature and are geared toward a more practical snack choice. You are the responsible one of the group anyway. It’s your job to make sure all your friends and family get the most out of their park day, and a Mickey Pretzel is the perfect way to fuel up and still have fun. It takes you a while to warm up to new things, especially if you’re not guaranteed success. The Mickey Pretzel has your back and ensures to fill you up between your dining reservations.

Mickey Pretzel


Aquarius – Turkey Leg

You love to challenge the norm of everyday things, and that’s why the Turkey Leg is your Disney Park food. It’s absurd to be walking around Disney with such a large leg of meat but you love the concept. Plus all the Mickey shaped food makes you a little uneasy for some reason. You love the idea of the parks but sometimes feel like you don’t quite fit in. The Turkey Leg gets you. The Turkey Leg frees you to be your independent self.

Turkey Leg


Pisces – Dole Whip

You’re a Disney adult and the Dole Whip is perfect for you. This dessert is mature but has just enough sweet pineapple to excite the child inside of you. You love the structure of the soft serve and the zing of the pineapple, which provides a fantastical twist that you can’t get enough of. Dole Whip is a tropical and romantic version of everyday soft serve and is very associated with a Disney Park day. Maybe, just like you?

Dole Whip


Did your zodiac sign match up with your favorite Disney Parks snack? Well, what’re you waiting for? Treat yourself!

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