Guests Riding Splash Mountain Had a TERRIFYING View of Disneyland FIRE

splashmountain disneyland fire
Credit: Disney and @LeviathanPop

One Guest has shared some unbelievable footage showing last night’s situation.

Safety and maintaining the magic are the number one priority for Disney Parks. The Walt Disney Company takes its job very seriously, and they work tirelessly to ensure that Guests are safe and that the magic of Disney is preserved as much as possible. Unfortunately, even with Disney’s safety measures, things can go wrong.

Last night, on April 22, 2023, a tragedy struck Disneyland Park when a fire erupted and engulfed the Maleficent dragon. This special effects incident happened during a Fantasmic performance, the night’s final one. Guests at the Park were horrified to see the dragon engulfed in flames before their eyes. New footage from Guests attending the Park last night shows how scary this Disneyland fire looked.


Credit: Disney

Splash Mountain Riders in for a Surprising View

When visiting a Disney Park, each Guest will have a preference for how they want to spend their evening. Many Guests love attending the nighttime spectacular offered by the theme Park, while others use that time to ride some attractions with reduced wait times.

This is precisely what one Guest was doing when they decided to ride Splash Mountain during the last Fantasmic show. If you have ridden Splash Mountain at Disneyland Park before, you will know that the ride has a gorgeous panoramic view at the top before it takes a lunch downwards. One Guest was taking a video of this view when they saw the massive dragon fire.

The vlog from Twitter user @LeviathonPop shows the crowd beginning to panic as they saw the fire from a distance.

Thankfully the fire was safely managed, and no injuries have been reported. The Walt Disney Company commented on the situation, saying;

This situation will indeed be an unforgettable part of Disney’s history. Hopefully, Disney will figure out the problem and ensure that something like this does not happen to the Fantasmic Dragon again.

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