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Haunted Mansion Announces Plan for Its Closing

Disneyland Haunted Mansion

This is important news for fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Every year, millions of fans make the pilgrimage to one of the Disney Parks for a magical, one-of-a-kind vacation. For so many people visiting the Parks is the highlight of their year. Many repeating Guests love the sense of familiarity that the Parks have. When it comes to Disney’s most ...

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SAFETY PSA: Coyote Seen Prowling Disney Park Property

coyote disney

When Guests visit Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, they hope to get and meet some incredible characters in a beautiful setting. Because these Parks are mostly outdoors, wildlife often finds their ways into the Parks. While some wildlife, like the Disney ducks and feral cats, is beloved by fans, others leave Guest feeling unsettled. That is precisely how ...

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“The Little Mermaid” Crew Member BREAKS NDA to Reveal What the Actors Were REALLY Like on Set!

little mermaid jonah hauer king prince eric on beach ariel halle bailey little mermaid

In the entertainment industry, the people who know the most about how actors think and behave are the crew members of Hollywood. Normally, most of what happens on set is kept a secret from the general public. Luckily for eager fans, a crew member for¬†The Little Mermaid¬†has decided to break his non-disclosure agreement and spill the tea on the film’s ...

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Disney Faces Backlash After ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and Two Other Attractions Close for Renovation

Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Paris

One of Disney’s most iconic rides will soon be unavailable at one Disney Park. Every year, millions of fans visit Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide. For decades, Disney has been the dream destination for families. Now that the Walt Disney Company has Parks all over the world, visiting Disney is more accessible than ever. When Guests visit a Disney Park, ...

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Disney Parks Introduce New Indiana Jones-Inspired Drinks and Treats in Celebration of ‘Dial of Destiny’ Premiere

harrison ford indiana jones dial of destiny lucasfilm character poster

Calling all¬†Indiana Jones¬†fans! Disney is currently counting down the days until Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny¬†premiers on June 30, 2023. This film is surrounded by a lot of buzz and excitement. To satisfy the film’s eager fans, Disney is bringing an exciting new selection of food items and beverages to the Disney Parks. Sip Your Way to Adventure ...

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Darth Vader Showcases New Pride Outfit at California Parade

darth vader pride

It seems that one of¬†Star Wars’ most iconic villains has decided to celebrate Pride Month this year. Star Wars is a perfect example of how a story can take over the world and change the lives of millions of people. Fans of the franchise have a deep love for its characters and stories, and it is this love that often ...

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