Disney Lowers Price of Genie+

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This is excellent news for the wallets of Disney fans!

Visiting Walt Disney World is not cheap. It seems that every year a new offering from Disney makes the price of visiting a Disney Park higher and higher. Recently, Guests have explicitly been overwhelmed by the price of the Disney Genie Plus and Lightning lane service. This service has skyrocketed to new record prices in recent weeks. Despite the price climb, the Disney Genie Plus service was still selling out during peak hours.

After tons of backlash from Disney Guests, the price of the Walt Disney World Genie Plus service has finally declined.

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Genie+ Prices Decline After Fan Backlash

March and early April were very busy times to visit Walt Disney World Resort this year. Spring break and Easter weekend brought massive crowds to Walt Disney World Resort, and with the influx of Guests, Disney decided to raise their prices. Guests at the Park were shocked to see the price of the Genie+ service, which is the service that the Walt Disney Company replaced FastPass with. Unlike Disney FastPass, which was free, Genie+ usually costs Guests around $20-$25. However, during the spring break crowds, the price of Genie+ surged to $35 a day.

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Despite the high prices, the service continued to sell out in record times. Fans were furious over the price raises. Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane service is a necessity for many Walt Disney World Resort Guests, especially during busy days. For Theme Park Guests trying to maximize their trip to Walt Disney World, purchasing Genie Plus is one of the best things you can do to make sure they hit their favorite attraction.

After ten days of record-breaking prices, Disney has finally lowered the price 0f the Genie+ service at Walt Disney World. As of Saturday, April 15, Genie+ costs $25. This $10 decrease is definitely pleasing Guests. 

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Unfortunately, Genie+ will likely still fluctuate in the summer. During busy months of the year, Guests can expect for that price to jump back up again.

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