Despite Its High Price, Genie+ Experiences A Milestone Today

Disney Genie price

Disney Genie+ skyrocketed to $35/per person today. That is Disney Genie ‘s highest price point ever. This move on Disney’s part was well-played: one of their most highly anticipated new rides ever, Tron Lightcycle/ Run, opens today and fans are clamoring to ride. That means crowds are going to be a nightmare. It only makes sense that Disney would hike up the price on the line skipping service to try and capitalize on the crowds. Do we like it? No. But it makes sense.

Disney Genie

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Last October Disney made the controversial move to go from fixed pricing to date based variable pricing for Genie+. Previously the service was $15/per person per day. Now you never know what it’s going to cost. Disney bases it on whether they have something big happening (like Tron’s opening) or whether they anticipate large crowds (like Easter week). No one likes it, but as Bob Chapek reported before his unceremonious ousting, people are still paying for it!

genie plus sold out

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Today, despite hitting its highest price point ever, Disney Genie+ also hit another milestone: its fastest sellout ever! It was completely sold out within Magic Kingdom’s first hour of operation. This is the first time Genie has ever sold out before 10:00 am! Say what you want about the price, people are clearly willing to pay it.

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Additionally, in January we speculated that Tron would cost a small fortune for Lightning Lane. In fact, my prediction was $22/per person. I wasn’t far off. If you want to skip the line and hop on the grid today, you’ll pay $20/per person for the privilege. That means a family of 4 will pay $80 for just one ride on Disney’s newest (and fastest) coaster!

TRON Lightcylce / Run at Magic Kingdom

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Those who have ridden say the ride is absolutely worth it, but the ride itself is approximately 1 minute long. $20 for one minute is… not cheap. You’ll want to pony up though if you intend to ride. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opened in 2019 and is still charging top dollar for its Individual Lightning Lane.



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