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Disney Genie+, the (often confusing) replacement for FastPass, is changing again. This time it’s the price that has changed…sometimes…depending on the day you want it. The price for service will now operate on a sliding scale depending on the day you want it. This change will apply to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Let’s take a closer look:

Currently, Genie+ costs $15 a day at Walt Disney World. The price will now range from $15-$22* per person per day. Since guests cannot purchase Genie+ ahead of time anymore, all Guests are subject to the price on that particular day. This means you may pay $15 one day and $22 the next. Disney encourages everyone to check the Genie+ website in the morning on the day they plan to purchase for the price.

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Over at Disneyland, however, it is possible to avoid the sliding scale pricing. Pre-arrival purchases for Genie+ are still allowed here and will not be subject to the day-by-day change in price. However, because of this, the pre-arrival price has increased from $20 per person per day to $25 per person, per day. If you elect not to purchase in advance, though, you will pay the “price of the day.” Magic Key holders are still eligible for a 20% discount on both pre-arrival and same-day purchases.

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Some Individual Lighting Lane (ILL)purchases are affected by the increase. Disney has yet to say (and likely will not say) how the price is determined, but we imagine it is done by the frequency of ILL purchases and Park occupancy. For example, Rise of the Resistance is now $15-$22* per person, per ride, but Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has not increased from a max price of $12. Expect other popular rides, and especially new rides, to be similarly affected by this change.

If you’re confused, never fear. Check out our handy guide to Genie+ and Lightning Lane here. Just keep in mind this price increase.


*note that the ranges listed are for the month of October. Disney has not released a high-end cap on how much the service will cost, as they will adjust based on resort occupancy.


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