How Much Disney is REALLY Making Off of Genie+

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This news is truly shocking.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many things have changed at Walt Disney World Resort. While some changes have been for the better, other Disney Park changes have left Guests missing the pre-covid Parks. One of the most divisive changes at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort was the addition of the Disney Genie+ Service. This new Disney Parks add-on has stirred up a lot of emotion from fans who miss the old FastPass system.

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It has been years since Walt Disney World implemented its Genie Plus system, and for the first time ever, the service has sold out numerous times. With the increased popularity, Disney decided to up the price. Fans are not happy about the price jump, but they will be furious after they learn just how much revenue Disney is really making off of the new system.

Genie+ Ranks in the Dough

On October 19, 2021, Disney launched their new service Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane. These three new services were what Disney used to replace the prior FastPass system. The main issue fans had was that Genie+ and Lightning Lanes both cost money to purchase, unlike FastPass which was free.

The price of Genie+ ranges based on the time of year you are visiting the Park. It bottoms out at $15 a day but usually costs more than that. Recently, Guests have had to pay $35 a day for Genie+. Even with the high price point, Disney Genie still continues to sell out. So how much is Disney making per day? One Disney fan found out.

How many Genie+ Passes are for sale per day?
by u/MavicMini_NI in WaltDisneyWorld

According to this Reddit user’s math, Disney Genie Plus is making Walt Disney World Resort an estimated $1-$3 million a day. 

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This is a tremendous amount of revenue that did not exist in the days of Fast Passes. However, this math is just an estimate and is not 100% accurate. We do not officially know the about of Genie+ tickets sold each day. Still, it is fascinating to see just how much they could be ranking in every day!

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