Trump Says DeSantis Was “Outplayed, Outsmarted and Embarrassed” by Disney

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The Walt Disney Company has once again found itself the topic of a political conversation. This time, it was former President Donald Trump who spoke out about the company. It seems that Trump and Disney have become unlikely allies because of a common enemy: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump and DeSantis have been at each other’s throats for a while. These two men are in direct competition as the two forerunners in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination. Now, Trump is using the feud between Disney and DeSantis as a way of mocking the governor.

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Trump Shares Thoughts on Disney vs. DeSantis

One of the major news stories of the past few months has been the drama between Gov. DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company. Disney CEO Bob Iger has openly expressed his disapproval of the Governers “Don’t say Gay” bill that would restrict the discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in Florida schools. As retaliation, DeSantis attempted to strip Disney of the special tax status that they had held for decades. This situation became a huge talking point nationally. While it seemed that DeSantis would be victorious in this issue, Disney ended up the victor due to a clause that basically stripped the new board of any power.

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Former President Donald Trump decided to share his thoughts on the situation. He made a post on his Truth Social account, saying;

“First Ron DeSanctimonious got outplayed, outsmarted, and embarrassed by Mickey Mouse and Disney. Now, while Fort Lauderdale is facing the worst flooding in 100 years, DeSanctus is on tour with his ‘shadow’ campaign for president, instead of taking care of the people of Florida.”

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Many people were surprised to see Trump commend Disney in this way. It can be inferred that Disney will likely come up again in conversation as the 2024 Presidential race grows nearer.

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