Disney Releases Ugliest Shirt to Date

Ugly merch
Credit: Disney and u/whitepikmin11 on Reddit

What in the world is going on?

For many Guests visiting Disney Parks, purchasing merchandise is one of the most essential parts of their trip. Fans love getting to bring home a unique piece of clothing or a fabulous accessory to remind them of Disney once their vacation is over. It is known within the Disney community that buying merchandise inside Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort is often better because of the large and exclusive selection. This being said, everyone once in a while, Disney comes out with a piece of merchandise that leaves Guests feeling less than satisfied. 

Tron Merch

Credit: Disney

Guests Confused and Unsightly Disney Merchandise

Disney has truly outdone itself in the worst way possible. When shopping at Disney, fans usually expect to see high-quality and fashionable merchandise. In the past, Disney has earned itself a reputation for providing some of the best merchandise of any theme Park or company. Unfortunately, the latest release from Disney has Guests scratching their heads in confusion.

One Guest was left confused after a day of shopping at Walt Disney World Resort. They were in Magic Kingdom when they decided to look through the merchandise. Magic Kingdom has just recently opened the highly-anticipated ride, TRON Lightcycle/Run. This coaster has been open since the begging of the month, and since then, Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom has become swarmed with fans eager to celebrate the new attraction.

As part of the celebration, Disney has created a new merchandise pop-up located near the ride. Directly across from the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Guests can find tons of new TRON themes merchandise. One Guest who was shopping for TRON merch was shocked when they were met with some unsightly options. They made a post about the merchandise in the Walt Disney World Reddit community, saying;

“Saw this at the TRON gift shop today. It is certainly a choice.”

Saw this at the Tron gift shop today. It is certainly a choice.
by u/whitepikmin11 in WaltDisneyWorld

The choice in question is a grey shirt that reads “LADIES XXL” on the front. Fans immediately took to the comments to laugh at the situation and provide some likely reasons. One Guest jokes, saying;

“I’m confused. Is some kind of misunderstanding like one of those cakes where the customer writes instructions for the baker like Happy Birthday in all caps and the cake they receive says “Happy Birthday In All Caps”?”

Another Guest offers an explanation as to what could have possibly happened, saying;

“These shirts are display shirts so you can see the sizing. It’s not a shirt that’s for sale.”

Even if it is just a sizing Display shirt, this entire situation is very comical!

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