Woman Pays $1000 for Bag of Disney Pins; Ends Up Finding a Gold Mine

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Credit: @princessshannon

One thing about Disney fans is that they love some excellent merchandise. Whether it be popcorn buckets, Mickey Ears, spirit jerseys, or stuffed animals, every Disney fan has a kind of merchandise they genuinely enjoy. For many Disney fans, pin collecting is their favorite.

Since 1999, Disney has been selling a producing Disney trading pins for Guests to buy. These fun trinkets are released all the time, and they are very fun to collect and trade. After purchasing a pin, Guests of Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort can pin trade with other Guests and Cast Members throughout the Parks. Many Guests have gathered extensive collections of trading pins over the years. With the popularity of pin trading, it has become an addiction for lots of Disney fans.

One pin trader shocked fans when she decided to spend $1,000 on a “mystery bag” of Disney pins.

Woman Spends Big Bucks on Disney Pins

Disney pin trading is a surprisingly expensive hobby to have. Buying a genuine pin can cost between $5.99 and $75 depending on how rare the pin might be. However, some collectors are able to see a return on their investment if a pin becomes rare. Oftentimes, collectors will sell their collections for a large amount of money to fans hoping to secure some rare finds.

That is precisely what Disney TikToker @princessshannon did in a recent viral video she posted. In the video, she explains that she bought 400 Disney pins online for $1,000. She had no idea what her mystery pins were going to be. Fans were intrigued to watch the video and see what she would end up with.


Replying to @funkysquiddler Adding up all the values of the disney pins and how much the haul is actually valued at!!! ? definitely worth it!! #disneypins #disneypintrading #disneypincollection #pincollection #disneyhaul #disney

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Luckily for Shannon, she had a pretty decent haul. She ended up with quite a few pins worth over $100. According to her calculations, the collection ended up being worth $5,740! It looks like this risk ended up paying off.

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