Disney Fans Plan to BANISH Pin-Traders

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Part of the fun of visiting Disney Parks is making special memories with your loved ones. Many of these memories become traditions over the years. Whether riding a particular ride, eating at a favorite restaurant or purchasing some merchandise, everyone can find a tradition they love to do.

When it comes to traditions, one of the oldest and most popular ones is Disney Pin-trading. Since 1999, Disney fans have loved to collect and trade these collectible pins. However, some fans have noticed that the trading has become stale as of late. Now, some Disney Guests are calling on Disney to ban pin traders from specific areas of the Parks.

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Pin Traders Ousted by Disney Community

Since the Covid pandemic, many Guests feel that pin trading has not been the same. A lot of Disney fans have retired from their hobby due since then. Some of the issues regarding pin trading include the number of counterfeit pins on the market and the covid-restrictions on pin trading that never were dropped.

Some pin traders are still going strong, and you can definitely see that in the Parks. If you are visiting Frontierland in Disneyland Resort, it is pretty hard not to notice all of the pin traders. Now, some fans are banding together to try and reclaim that area.

Reddit user u/breathfromanother started the conversation by saying;

“Speaking of pins — I will never trade pins with the pin traitors (scammers) that hog up the benches in Frontierland.”

Other users commented back that they too felt the same way. They said;

“Makes Frontierland look like Fleamarketland.”

“FYI I’ve made it a mission to get them banned from the SEATING benches in fantasyland. It’s a business they are running in the parks which violates Disney terms of service.”

“Those are great benches to take your Dole Whip to. I hate they always take up such a great spot.”

“I feel like we should team up some days and beat them there and just prevent them from setting up shop all day. Im sure there’s enough of us that can’t stand them to take turns.”

byu/Whirlwindofemotion from discussion

Dozens of other commenters weigh in on the discussion. It seems like there is a large number of people who feel genuinely passionate about eliminating this trading hub. Keep in mind that these traders are also Disney Guests and do not have any authority over the area. Now that this discussion has happened, it will be interesting to see if any of them take a stand in real life.

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